Who is Tom Rowland?

Capt Tom Rowland is a fishing guide in both fresh and saltwater turned entrepreneur.  Becoming a flyfishing guide in Jackson Hole, WY was a dream come true but finding great success in Key West, FL was even more of an unlikely success story.  No one could have predicted what came next as Tom and his partner started a production company, created, starred in, sold and distributed a television show on ESPN and OLN Networks only to replicate this popular format 2 additional times in offshore fishing and freshwater Bass Fishing.  They did this with no formal education about television of business.  It happened out of sheer determination, hard work, and hustle. That original show is known as Saltwater Experience and it has been on the air for 16 years.  The second show was Into the Blue (13 years) and the third is Sweetwater (10 years).  Along the way, there was another show called Fitness Truth which aired for 2 years and covered the very early years of the then underground fitness movement of CrossFit.

 Out of necessity due to declining television ratings and word-cutters, Tom and his partner Rich then created a digital network called Waypoint TV to take the outdoor television landscape to digital OTT platforms.  Again, Waypoint was built on the hustle and hard work rather than outside capital, high profile contacts, and formal education.  

Most recently, he has become a podcaster and creates inspiring and educational content for his loyal audience that includes interviews with entrepreneurs from all industries, fishing and hunting icons as well as, "how-to" advice.  Tom credits much of his success to his dedication to his physical condition and keeps physical education as a foundational part of his message.  At this point, it may go without saying that he knew nothing about podcasting either.  More hard work, mistakes, and determination led to the growth of this property as well.

Where did this all start?

Capt. Tom Rowland grew up in Chattanooga, TN where he developed a love for fishing while spending time with his father. The hours they spent together established a firm foundation for the passion that Tom now has for all types of fishing. While working in Yellowstone National Park, Tom was able to backpack every area of the vast Park and fish the wild backcountry streams. This adventure leads him to a career in guiding originating in Jackson Hole, WY. Second generation outfitter, Joe Bressler helped Tom learn the guiding business giving Tom a huge head start in achieving the level of success that accompanies him today. After 7 seasons as a drift boat guide on the greatest Western Rivers, Tom was ready to begin his saltwater career. Beginning in Key West, Tom spent a year learning the water before he ever took a paying customer.

Famed outdoor artist, Peter Corbin was Tom’s first paying customer and they enjoyed unbelievable success from the get-go. On that fateful day, Peter landed 2 Permit on fly in a half-day of fishing. Finding that accomplishment difficult to top, Tom worked hard on every charter and quickly developed a reputation of being a patient, extremely hard working and enthusiastic guide. This reputation spread like wildfire and soon Tom was booked constantly; working more than 300 days a year on the water. Guiding was never a part-time activity for Tom.  He considers guiding to be an art form and was dedicated to professionalism from the beginning.  

After marrying the love of his life, Tom and Cynthia delivered two wonderful boys and a perfect little girl. Tom’s free time is devotedly spent with his family…sometimes fishing.


Flyfishing has always been important to Tom and he has spent hours daily, perfecting his fly casting and teaching techniques. In Los Angeles, Tom recorded a 131-foot fly cast with a standard 5 weight fly line and 9-foot graphite fly rod. In 2000, Tom competed in the inaugural ESPN Great Outdoor Games in Lake Placid, NY and won two medals, a silver in the Fly Casting division and a Gold in the Overall. This led to participation in many other tournaments in both fresh and saltwater.  

The local tournament success lead Tom to try the national tournaments. The Redfish Tournaments were designed for a two-man team. Tom had fished against Rich Tudor in numerous tournaments and respected his abilities. Together they formed a great team and a great friendship. Success followed and they gathered sponsors as quickly as they gathered tournament wins. The tournaments were a stepping stone to the television success they now have.  Since 1997, Tom Rowland’s tournament record includes more than 65 championships, divisional wins or top 5 finishes in international, national, regional and local tournaments for a wide variety of species. These wins come from fly fishing tournaments as well as conventional tackle tournaments in fresh and saltwater against an international field.


The Tom Rowland Podcast is the latest addition to the lineup.  Tom believes that one way to accomplish your goals is to help other people reach theirs.  Interviewing icons, up and comers and people doing really amazing things, Tom is helping his guests to get their message out to a big audience in an unhurried atmosphere and he is helping his audience by relaying the stories of success and failure so that we can all take-home lessons from the very best.  Tom creates 3 podcasts a week that are long-form, How to and Physical Friday which focuses on health, fitness, and nutrition.

Saltwater Experience is the culmination of Tom Rowland’s fishing goals by allowing others to see what captivates Tom to obsession.