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“I started kind of researching sports psychology, in that process of researching people who are really good at the mind game of any kind of sports. I started noticing that most of the people that had the biggest impact in sports were dealing with the same things I did. They really had the worst situations possible and I realized they were doing really great things that were in a lot worse shape than I am.”

Podcast Synopsis

Brian Latimer is a FLW Pro Bass Fisherman who makes his living through fishing tournaments and sponsorship.  With an associate degree in horticulture, Brian owned a successful landscaping business and later, after some soul-searching, decided to pursue professional fishing full-time. Brian recently won the FLW Tournament, check out his reflections on his win below:

Brian said it would take longer than an hour to share his whole story of getting into fishing but briefly he said he grew up in a fishing family. His father got into the competitive bass fishing game and Brian said he came along in the 80’s and doesn’t remember a time when he wasn’t fishing. Brian said he was “weird” for wanting to fish when growing up but was passionate enough about it and dreamed of being a professional angler.

After graduating from a Technical college Brian bought his own boat, went fishing when he wanted to and since 2004 Brian has been chasing to make a living fishing. With lots of stopping and starting and figuring out if the fishing career will work, his career is really starting to take off and with the recent win in the FLW tournament Brian is certainly where he needs to be.

Aside from his history I spoke with Brian about topics such as mindset, work ethic, family, and his achievements along the way.  Join in on this interesting conversation with a guy who is working hard every day to be the best he can be.

-Tom Rowland

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