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“You have to live a life of fishing and get to a place where its not that important for me to hold a rod in my hand and actually get to catch a fish. You evolve past that; so what’s the next step? It’s somebody coming on the front of your boat and they are your rod. Your words your guidance is what you are using to fish now.”

Podcast Synopsis

I had the opportunity to stop in Florida and visit a friend of mine who is known far and wide as a person who pays close attention to details. He’s known as a mad scientist of tarpon fishing - we hadn’t caught up in a long time and we had a lot to talk about. We spoke about what he’s got going on and what he’s getting ready to do; things that make him much more than a tarpon guide, he's an artist, a photographer and a very creative person.

Born in Florida Captain David Mangum has spent over 40 years becoming comfortable with his regions waters and developing a passion for fishing. As a local he has a particular niche in his guiding career and he knows where the tarpon are as they change locations daily, monthly and over the years. I had David on to talk about feeding tarpon on a How 2 Tuesday “How To Feed A Tarpon” which was very educational and fascinating to me.

David is very well versed in light tackle and offshore fishing and has a passion for fly fishing just like I do. He has guided in Alaska, Colorado, Texas and Puerto Rico as well as all over the Bahamas. David specializes in sight fishing and says there is nothing quite like stalking a fish, making a cast and watching the fish eat your fly. With the many things he’s seen David has become quite the painter and has pieces in public and privet collections. Listen to the podcast for tarpon, tarpon and more tarpon.

You can follow David on Instagram @davidmangum

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