Ryan Nitz - Turning His Passion Into His Profession - Hunting, Fishing, Outdoor Film Making




“I just want to hunt and fish and be happy with life and not really worry about too much…”

-Ryan Nitz

Podcast Synopsis

After four and a half years of working in pest control, Ryan was offered a job from Florida Outdoor Experience to become a turkey guide. Since turkey season only ranges at about six weeks, Ryan is now enrolled in Sea School to earn his Captains License through the U.S. Coast Guard. Ryan loves making videos on Instagram and YouTube, and his main hobby is learning how to edit videos and do Photoshop. As of now, Ryan is planning on going to Texas on the Guadalupe River, and Alaska in November to record footage of blacktail hunting.

Two years ago, I contacted Ryan after being introduced to him through our mutual friend, David McLeaf.  Soon, the entire crew of Saltwater Experience were on their way to film with Ryan for the mega large snook that he catches.  The show turned out nicely and it became one of the most popular Saltwater Experience episodes ever.  Fans loved the story about this young man pursuing his passion, and emails continue to pour in about Ryan Nitz.

Join in on this conversation about hunting, fishing, outdoor film making and much more.

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