David Reddding - DRedd - F3 Culture

David Reddding - DRedd - F3 Culture

David Redding (DRedd), a lawyer, and his close friend Tim Whitmire cofounded a fitness group called F3 Fitness. Starting back in 2011 the group was located in North Carolina and started off immediately overflowing the capacity. The group quickly split into 3 workout groups and has continued to grow in a similar fashion.

DRedd grew up in Connecticut and attended Boston University where he was apart of the ROTC program. After that David moved down south and did 9 years in the army, half infantry and half special forces. After that he attended Wake Forest Law School where he met his wife.

Trevor Williams - The Farm Traveler

Trevor Williams - The Farm Traveler

Learn how your food is made with Trevor Williams as we talk about his podcast and the things he has learned about the food industry. Trevor is a former High School Agriscience teacher now software analyst.  He graduated with a B.S. degree in Agricultural Education and Communication with a minor in Environmental Horticulture. Trevor started Farm Traveler in 2016 with the help of his now wife, Allie.

Josh Thomas - No Drama, Just Adventure

Josh Thomas - No Drama, Just Adventure

Josh Thomas was in the advertising world making a great living and working his way up the corporate ladder.  He liked to fish for largemouth bass during his frequent periods of downtime in an industry where those periods were the norm.  A trip with a friend in his first kayak for striped bass changed everything for Josh.  He began to spend more and more time in the kayak and less time in the bass boat, eventually designing his own fishing kayak which was the start of Vibe.  He transitioned out of his corporate job and launched into the life of a Fishing Kayak Entrepreneur.  Through a strategic friendship, he secured some help in starting his business and experienced skyrocketing success from the start. Josh Thomas is the owner and founder of Vibe Kayaks.

Jeff Maggio - LUNKERCON & The Reel Guy Network

Jeff Maggio - LUNKERCON & The Reel Guy Network

I had the chance to sit down with Captain Jeff Maggio (LunkerDog) after going to LunkerCon. We sat down at 10:30am the following morning and Jeff told me that his tarpon guiding had him on a nocturnal schedule and that 10:30 felt early to him. Jeff told me that LunkerCon got started about 12 years ago at a live event as a local tarpon and snook fishing tournament. The tournament consisted of about 12-15 boats and before the tournament Captain Jeff had a gathering to go over the rules and actually had a lot of people show up because they announced it on YouTube.

Carter Andrews - Obsessed




“We did 40 miles up a river dragging old dug out canoes to get to this waterfall where, the story goes, the Son of Tupa lives.”

Podcast Synopsis

Carter Andrews is obsessed. He is obsessed with fishing..all types of fishing.

Carter and I have a similar story and our paths have intersected many times over the last 30 years. We both grew up in Tennessee which makes a career as a saltwater fisherman unlikely at best. We both had the desire and followed that desire to end up in Jackson Hole, WY and guide for different and competing outfits. From there, I went to Key West and Carter went to Crooked Island, Bahamas then to Panama.

We fished many tournaments together and competed against one another in big events like the ESPN Great Outdoor Games. Today, our paths cross again in the television world. Carter has two shows on television now. The Obsession Of Carter Andrews and Legendary Catch.

Carter and I catch up, tell some old stories and I get to find out what he has been up to since the last time we saw one another. If you are a fan of Carter, please forward this article or share the player above with a few of your friends. Tag both @tom_rowland and @carterandrewsfishing on instagram and let us know that you listened to the show. Im sure Carter would love to know what you thought about his story. As always, if you liked this episode, please rate and review the Tom Rowland Podcast on iTunes with 5 stars and a review that tells the world why they should listen as well. You can reach me directly through the dedicated email podcast@saltwaterexperience.com with future guest suggestions or show suggestions.

Here are some highlights of this show:

00:00:00 - Guest Intro -  The story of the hunt for The Son Of Tupa

00:1:30- Tom Rowland’s introduction of Carter Andrews, and the many times their lives have intersected in tournaments, fishing shows and more.

00:02:57 - Catching up with Carter

00:03:26 - The last time Tom and Carter caught up and saw each other

00:04:05 - When Tom ran out of gas on the way back from The Everglades

00:04:34 - Carter’s biggest year, what he’s been up to (YETI Film, National Geographic, etc…)

00:07:10 - Carter and Tom’s overlap from growing up in Tennessee, Guiding in Jackson Hole, to working on and making TV Shows

00:10:15 - The people who started their fishing career in Jackson Hole, WY. (Joe Bressler and Jack Dennis)

00:11:59 - Tom guiding in the Keys and Carter in the Bahamas, what is it like to guide in a foreign environment where you know no one?

00:15:55 - Learning to chum with live bait

00:17:38 - Carter moving from the Bahamas to Panama

00:19:57 - Crooked Island

00:20:30 - Carter talks about Marlin Fishing

00:24:38 - What made Carter the character he his and made him successful in guiding

00:25:30 - Watching other guides and seeing how they do it versus doing things yourself and figuring it out and making mistakes

00:26:25 - Difference between two shows, The Obsession of Carter Andrews versus the National Geographic Show

00:32:00 - The story of The Son Of Tupa (The Jaguar and the Dorado) and the National Geographic shoot in Bolivia

00:35:21 - The last chance catch of pulling up the line and landing a fish

00:39:40 - What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened when catching a fish?

People, organizations and terms mentioned in this podcast:

The Son Of Tupa, National Geographic, Carter Andrews, The Obsession, The Everglades, YETI Film with Carter Andrews, Scott Sanchez, Jay Buckner, John Simms, Boots Allen, Jose Wejebe, Crooked Island, Simon Becker, Tim Hoover, Joe Bressler, Jack Dennis, Jeff Currier

See you next time,

Tom Rowland

Mike Iaconelli - 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion, 2006 Angler of the Year - Pursuing His Mission With Passion

Mike Iaconelli - 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion, 2006 Angler of the Year - Pursuing His Mission With Passion

Mike Iaconelli is a professional Bass Fisherman from South Philly, now living in New Jersey. He's had a passion for fishing since childhood and has been competing in fishing tournaments since high school. Since that time, Mike has won, or come near winning almost every major award in tournament bass fishing, and is the only angler to have ever won the Bassmaster Classic, Bassmaster Angler of the Year and B.A.S.S. Nation Championship. Most notably the 2003 Bassmaster Classic and 2006 Angler-of-the-Year awards. Most recently Mike won the Bassmaster Open on the James River only a couple of weeks after this podcast was recorded.

Kyle Gemas - Seychelles And Florida Fishing Tournaments

Kyle Gemas - Seychelles And Florida Fishing Tournaments

Kyle Gemas recently traveled to the Seychelles by way of Dubai.  As a once in a lifetime destination for most anglers, The Seychelles holds a particular allure.  Kyle talks about the trip as well as his extensive tournament experience in the Florida Keys and how it helped him develop as an angler.

Josh Collins - 2,742 Miles On SUP - Veteran Voyage 360

Josh Collins - 2,742 Miles On SUP - Veteran Voyage 360

Josh Colins and I spoke about his 2,742 mile paddle board trip from Texas to the Statue of Liberty and his incredible story. Josh is a veteran that has a very extensive resume; a special operations combat veteran with multiple rotations to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia in support of the war on terror. Josh is a wounded warrior with 4 traumatic brain injuries (loss of consciousness from explosive blasts, 2 from parachute landing falls, and one from combative training). He retired in 2008, but continued to support the military as a contractor state-side and abroad. While leading a training exercise in 2013 he had his last traumatic brain injury, complete with a fractured nose, rib, and cervical spine compression. With the doctor’s prescribed medications and self-medicating with alcohol, Josh reached the limits of his functionality. Josh went from that to bouncing back…

Top Four Tom Rowland Podcasts As Of May 29, 2019

Top Four Tom Rowland Podcasts As Of May 29, 2019

Thank you all for making the Tom Rowland Podcast such a success. I started this as an experiment to see if I would like it, if I would learn some new things and to see if the audience would also like it. It has been so much more than that for me. At just over a year old, the downloads have surpassed anything I thought was possible, the guests have taught me more than I could have ever expected and I have grown significantly as a person because of it. Thank you for listening and stand by for more great episodes.