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David Reddding - DRedd - F3 Culture

David Reddding - DRedd - F3 Culture

David Redding (DRedd), a lawyer, and his close friend Tim Whitmire cofounded a fitness group called F3 Fitness. Starting back in 2011 the group was located in North Carolina and started off immediately overflowing the capacity. The group quickly split into 3 workout groups and has continued to grow in a similar fashion.

DRedd grew up in Connecticut and attended Boston University where he was apart of the ROTC program. After that David moved down south and did 9 years in the army, half infantry and half special forces. After that he attended Wake Forest Law School where he met his wife.

Tripletail Strategy

Tripletail Strategy

Tripletail are a prehistoric looking fish that like to float next to debris or trap balls. There are several ways to fish for them including Flyfishing, live bait and lures. I have found a few other techniques that have caught fish that used to simply leave me frustrated. Join me today to discuss some tactics that might help you convert a shot to a beautiful Tripletail fillet on the plate.

Angling Confidence

Angling Confidence

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about permit, and it’s no secret that permit is my favorite fish. And there’s a reason for that. I was fortunate enough to start guiding in Key West, Florida which is the epicenter of permit fishing. So I found myself in a place where it was the best place to fish for permit but I did not know much about the species at the time.

Trevor Williams - The Farm Traveler

Trevor Williams - The Farm Traveler

Learn how your food is made with Trevor Williams as we talk about his podcast and the things he has learned about the food industry. Trevor is a former High School Agriscience teacher now software analyst.  He graduated with a B.S. degree in Agricultural Education and Communication with a minor in Environmental Horticulture. Trevor started Farm Traveler in 2016 with the help of his now wife, Allie.

How To Fish A New Area

How To Fish A New Area

Moving to a new area can be a challenge, even if you are an avid fisherman, you could be put in a place that is out of your element. Maybe you are a great saltwater fishermen but you move to an area where you are freshwater fishing (or visa versa). Well here are some things that you could do to get comfortable in a new area and learn how to fish there.

Meditation: A Practice In Gratitude





“Its hard to have a bad day when you start your day with gratitude”

Podcast Synopsis

It's very hard to have a bad day when you start your day in gratitude. In this episode, I go through a practice that my friends and I have used after morning workouts and it has been very impactful for me. If you would like to go through the meditation practice as we do it in the mornings you can listen by entering your email below:

This practice has been very powerful for me and my friends, you don’t need more than 5 minutes to practice it. But certainly you can go as deep and long as you would like. Let it impact your day and your perspective to be thankful and grateful.

Check yourself. Check your breathing and the tension in your body. Lay down and put yourself in a posture to reflect and rest.

Then move out from yourself to broader circles. First is the most inner circle, your immediate family. Your wife and your kids. You go through each of their faces and you are thankful for the impact they have on your life.

Then you move out to your next circle, your family, friends, parents, grandparents. Imagine their faces and be thankful for the things that they do to make your life better.

Continue to move out to broader circles of your life and be thankful for the things around you.

Then, I like to leave time at the end to bring it back. Start at the furthest circle and progressively be thankful and move back to yourself. Be grateful for your health and breathing. Check your body and the tension you might be holding and relax.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Welcome to Physical Friday, today we are talking about something very close to my heart

02:08 - You can do your own Gratitude Practice, but here is how we do it

02:34 - The important thing is that it is an important way to start the day or end the day

02:50 - If you want to have a guided meditation, you can follow along by downloading the audio below

03:22 - You start by laying down and monitor your breath and the tension in your body

04:37 - Be thankful and grateful for the most basic of things, health, a moment to be thankful, the ability to recover, etc…

05:12 - Push out that circle and be grateful for being able to move, travel, explore etc…

05:43 - Then move the circle out to the closed people to you in your life. Think about each person and be thankful for them

06:18 - Then go to the next group of people in your life. Parents, siblings, friends, coworkers….Be thankful for one thing that they add to your life

07:20 - Each time you push the circle out to more people, to where you live, to your city, country, work, jobs etc…

07:46 - You can go as deep into the meditation as you want to and for as long as you can. But you certainly don’t need to go any longer than 5 minutes

08:18 - I like to go out and then go backwards. Start with the furthest out circle and go back into yourself and your health, then check your tension and breathing one last time.

09:45 - This has been very powerful for me

10:28 - Send me an email

See you next week - no excuses,

-Tom Rowland

Two Turn Blood Knot

Two Turn Blood Knot

Occasionally you get in a situation when you need to tie two dissimilar pieces of monofilament or fluorocarbon together. By dissimilar I mean 20 lb to 10 lb or in trout fishing it could be 2x to 4x. One might be much larger, and you could step down but you don’t have the right size. Or in tarpon fishing you might have a 10 pound line and want to put a 25 pound shock-tippet on there.

Josh Thomas - No Drama, Just Adventure

Josh Thomas - No Drama, Just Adventure

Josh Thomas was in the advertising world making a great living and working his way up the corporate ladder.  He liked to fish for largemouth bass during his frequent periods of downtime in an industry where those periods were the norm.  A trip with a friend in his first kayak for striped bass changed everything for Josh.  He began to spend more and more time in the kayak and less time in the bass boat, eventually designing his own fishing kayak which was the start of Vibe.  He transitioned out of his corporate job and launched into the life of a Fishing Kayak Entrepreneur.  Through a strategic friendship, he secured some help in starting his business and experienced skyrocketing success from the start. Josh Thomas is the owner and founder of Vibe Kayaks.

Fishing Ettiquette In A Lodge

Fishing Ettiquette In A Lodge

One of the most fun things to do as a fisherman or hunter is to go visit new places.  We are extremely fortunate to have fishing and hunting lodges all around the world that specialize in virtually every species you may want to pursue.  The locations can be spacious 5-star lodges, a backcountry tent camp or tight quarters on a mothership.  Either way, there is some etiquette to follow when visiting a lodge to make sure that you and all other visitors have a good time.