How To Assemble A First Aid Kit Feat. Dr. Max Baumgardner




“I carry a yellow bag so it is easy to say ‘Go grab the yellow bag’ and everyone knows what I’m talking about.”


I brought Dr. Max Baumgardner into the studio to go over some things he carries in his First Aid Kit. Dr. Baumgardner is an Emergency Room Doctor and he has seen a lot of common injuries that occur on the boat. He goes over some common things you should have in your kit as well as some things that he added in that he thinks are important.

I asked Max if he thought you should only have things in your kit that you know how to use. He said that you can’t carry and ambulance with you, so make sure that you know how to use most everything, but if you have some extra space you can always carry more things with hopes that someone else might know how to use them. Max also mentioned that if you know how to use your surroundings (like using sticks to brace a fracture) then you can leave those objects out of your medical kit to save room for other things.

You can watch a video below to see Max go over the things you hear him talk about in the podcast and you can see links below to start building your own First Aid Kit:

Commercially Prepared First Aid Kit

Advanced Gauze

ACE Bandage

Epinephrine Pen

Yellow Bag

Ice Bags



Steroid Cream


Check out some highlights from this podcast:

0:00 - Today I’m joined by Dr. Max Baumgardner who will go over what to have in your First Aid Kit

1:11 - My son told me not to include things in my medical kit that I don’t know how to use

1:43 - You can’t carry an ambulance with you - so don’t try to carry too much

2:03 - Boating checklist, good example is pilots who still use check lists no matter how many times they fly

3:35 - Dr. Baumgardner’s First Aid Kit (THE YELLOW BAG)

4:40 - Commercially prepared First Aid Kit (scissors, bandaids, ice pack, gauze…)

5:38 - Carry advanced gauze with clotting factors for injuries offshore

6:35 - Two tourniquets (you can improvise with a dock line)

7:25 - How to improvise a tourniquet

8:11 - Keep Betadine, Benadryl, steroid cream, epinephrine pen

8:50 - Using an Epinephrine pen

9:10 - Vinegar and Baking Soda with Ice Pack for jelly fish stings (also a glow stick for dark situations)

10:40 - A very thorough first aid kit but also portable

11:04 - If you have suggestions email me

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