How To Work And Live In A National Park

How To Work And Live In A National Park

Have you ever been to a national park and wished you could live there? Maybe even work there? Well when I was younger I worked on Yellowstone National Park and that is what sparked my interest in working in the outdoors. So I sat down with the head of Marketing for Xanterra, Rick Hoeninghausen, and he explains exactly the steps to apply to live and work on a National Park.

If you have ever wanted to work on any of the following National Parks, you need to check out this podcast on how to apply there: Yellowstone National Park, Zion National Park, Glacier National Park, The Oasis At Death Valley, Cedar Creek Lodge, The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Rocky Mountain National Park

How to Help The Bahamas

How to Help The Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian is still over the Bahamas and from the videos that I have seen it is unbelievable how bad it is. I thought a good podcast for today would be How To Help the Bahamas. The ways in which you can help are through supplies, finances, time or physical efforts and the organizations you can give to are coming together now.

Want to explore a new city and workout? Try this workout

Want to explore a new city and workout? Try this workout

Often when I’m traveling for work and find myself in a new area I’ll use this workout to see the town. The workout is 3 miles and 300 pushups and you can mix them up as much as you’d like. You can do all 300 pushups before you start your run, you can do 100 pushups every mile or you can come up with some other kind of variation.

How To Get A Slam

How To Get A Slam

Have you ever attempted to catch a Grand Slam? Do you want to in the future? Well I recently was filming an episode for Saltwater Experience and we set out to catch a Grand Slam (Permit, Tarpon and Bonefish). I realized that it would make a great How 2 Tuesday.

How To Get Into Kayak Fishing Feat. Josh Thomas

How To Get Into Kayak Fishing Feat. Josh Thomas

Josh Thomas of Vibe Kayaks lives by the motto; “getting more of out there and less of in here,” and he joins me today to talk about one way of “getting more of out there” which is kayak fishing. I asked Josh what his quick little introduction to kayak fishing would be and he gave me some great pointers on how to get into kayak fishing and what factors to consider. When looking into kayak fishing you need to decide what you are going to use the kayak for, there are many different kinds of boats, and similarly, many different kinds of kayaks. What kind of water are you going to be fishing in? What kind of fish are you fishing for? How do you want to rig your kayak? Do you want to be standing and stable or paddling and quick?

How to Be A Better Fishing Guide

How to Be A Better Fishing Guide

I got a question from a listener named Nick asking about how to be a better guide. This is a topic that I have mentioned or talked about certain aspects of, but never just full on addressed. So here goes, quick overview on how to be a better guide. You need to be on the water a lot, you need to be keeping a journal, have a plan A, B, C, D and so on, be dedicated to professionalism, be the best communicator possible, be there early, keep your gear in perfect condition, watch your dress and language, maintain your health and find time to read.

Using Dice For Elite Fitness - The Game Evolves

Multiple Dice make things more interesting

Multiple Dice make things more interesting

The Dice Game is evolving for me.  I have thought about this format for quite a while but just never really got around to creating the workout.  Finally, Max Baumgardner gave me a pack of blank dice and I began to play around with the idea of a randomized workout with select exercises.

One of my favorite workouts on the road is the Deck of Cards.  I have written and discussed this workout many times because it has been one of the foundational workouts for me on the road for the last 20 years.  I simply take a deck of cards in every travel bag and I know that I will be able to get a great workout no matter where I am, or if I have any equipment.

The dice game solves at least one problem with the Card game.  When it is windy, the cards blow away.  It would take a hurricane to blow away the dice so if it is windy, the dice can be a much better alternative to the cards.

Another advantage to the dice might be that there are 6 sides to a standard die.  I can select 6 exercises that require no equipment or do just 5 and leave one open as a Joker so that I can incorporate whatever is available on site.

This morning we used 3 dice + the number die to come up with a challenging workout.

Die 1





Flutter Kicks x 10

Joker = pullups today

Die 2 - Sandbag 

Clean and Jerk

Plank Pulls

Shoulder 2 Shoulder

Front Squats


Sandbag 2 shoulder

Die 3 - kettlebell


Single arm snatch


Goblet Squat

Single arm press

Joker = 200 m run today

Number Die (I have it in 5’s but you could make them any numbers you want)







For the first 5 minutes, just the bodyweight die

Second 5 minutes, bodyweight and sandbag

Last 10 minutes, bodyweight + sandbag + Kettlebell

The workout was good, not especially challenging but I will continue to work on the numbers and exercises to create a masterpiece of reps and exercises guaranteed to be extremely effective.

If you come up with some devious routines with the dice, let me know.  I really like the idea and want to continue to work on it for road workouts. Send them to me at or tag me @tom_rowland on Instagram

How To Assemble A First Aid Kit Feat. Dr. Max Baumgardner

How To Assemble A First Aid Kit Feat. Dr. Max Baumgardner

I brought Dr. Max Baumgartner into the studio to go over some things he carries in his First Aid Kit. Dr. Baumgartner is an Emergency Room Doctor and he has seen a lot of common injuries that occur on the boat. He goes over some common things you should have in your kit as well as some things that he added in that he thinks are important.

How To Book A Guide Featuring Hunter Leavine

How To Book A Guide Featuring Hunter Leavine

I got a question recently about how to best book a guide for a fishing trip, so I called up my friend Hunter Leavine to have him come talk about some tips for booking guides. Hunter runs a podcast called Captains Collective and he goes around interviewing guides all the time so he has some awesome insights in this podcast.