Drop In On Travel

Drop In On Travel

Something you can do while traveling is you can drop in on a crossfit gym. There is some etiquette involved in a drop in. First you want to do some research about the gym and where is it located. I will look for some kind of email address or phone number and I will try to contact them about wanting to drop in on their gym. It is certainly worth asking if it is ok that you drop in and letting them vet you a little bit too. Give them an opportunity to get to know you and see how experienced you are with crossfit.

Meditation: A Practice In Gratitude





“Its hard to have a bad day when you start your day with gratitude”

Podcast Synopsis

It's very hard to have a bad day when you start your day in gratitude. In this episode, I go through a practice that my friends and I have used after morning workouts and it has been very impactful for me. If you would like to go through the meditation practice as we do it in the mornings you can listen by entering your email below:

This practice has been very powerful for me and my friends, you don’t need more than 5 minutes to practice it. But certainly you can go as deep and long as you would like. Let it impact your day and your perspective to be thankful and grateful.

Check yourself. Check your breathing and the tension in your body. Lay down and put yourself in a posture to reflect and rest.

Then move out from yourself to broader circles. First is the most inner circle, your immediate family. Your wife and your kids. You go through each of their faces and you are thankful for the impact they have on your life.

Then you move out to your next circle, your family, friends, parents, grandparents. Imagine their faces and be thankful for the things that they do to make your life better.

Continue to move out to broader circles of your life and be thankful for the things around you.

Then, I like to leave time at the end to bring it back. Start at the furthest circle and progressively be thankful and move back to yourself. Be grateful for your health and breathing. Check your body and the tension you might be holding and relax.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Welcome to Physical Friday, today we are talking about something very close to my heart

02:08 - You can do your own Gratitude Practice, but here is how we do it

02:34 - The important thing is that it is an important way to start the day or end the day

02:50 - If you want to have a guided meditation, you can follow along by downloading the audio below

03:22 - You start by laying down and monitor your breath and the tension in your body

04:37 - Be thankful and grateful for the most basic of things, health, a moment to be thankful, the ability to recover, etc…

05:12 - Push out that circle and be grateful for being able to move, travel, explore etc…

05:43 - Then move the circle out to the closed people to you in your life. Think about each person and be thankful for them

06:18 - Then go to the next group of people in your life. Parents, siblings, friends, coworkers….Be thankful for one thing that they add to your life

07:20 - Each time you push the circle out to more people, to where you live, to your city, country, work, jobs etc…

07:46 - You can go as deep into the meditation as you want to and for as long as you can. But you certainly don’t need to go any longer than 5 minutes

08:18 - I like to go out and then go backwards. Start with the furthest out circle and go back into yourself and your health, then check your tension and breathing one last time.

09:45 - This has been very powerful for me

10:28 - Send me an email podcast@saltwaterexperience.com

See you next week - no excuses,

-Tom Rowland

Sleep: The Foundation Of Health

Sleep: The Foundation Of Health

After my last podcast, Sleep - One Of The Key Pillars Of Health, I got a lot of emails from people wanting to know more. So I went back and read this book by Dr. Matthew Walker who is a Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science. He is also the lead sleep scientist at Google. He wrote a book called Why We Sleep and it has completely changed my perspective on sleep.

Sleep - One Of The Key Pillars Of Health

Sleep - One Of The Key Pillars Of Health

Something I have often disregarded and, I think is probably one of the most commonly sacrificed pillars of health, is sleep. The more I have learned about sleep recently, the more I have been concerned and aware about my sleeping habits and I believe that will be true for you as well. If you learn more about the benefits and advantages of sleep, you might begin to be weary of how much you are sleeping.

Want to explore a new city and workout? Try this workout

Want to explore a new city and workout? Try this workout

Often when I’m traveling for work and find myself in a new area I’ll use this workout to see the town. The workout is 3 miles and 300 pushups and you can mix them up as much as you’d like. You can do all 300 pushups before you start your run, you can do 100 pushups every mile or you can come up with some other kind of variation.

Extreme Workouts To Build Mental Strength

Extreme Workouts To Build Mental Strength

It is 10:50 am and I have been working at a serious pace since 7:30 am.  So far, we have run 11 miles,  3 sets of stairs, 5 runs up the steepest hill in town, 30 burpees, 30 clap pushups, 200 weighted pullups, 400 weighted pushups, and 600 weighted squats (2 Murphs and a bunch of running). I have already consumed and sweated out over a gallon of water, but right now, I am just staring at a barbell and wondering if I can pick it up.  
The barbell was 155 pounds and was the single implement to a classic CrossFit hero workout called DT. 

Using Dice For Elite Fitness - The Game Evolves

Multiple Dice make things more interesting

Multiple Dice make things more interesting

The Dice Game is evolving for me.  I have thought about this format for quite a while but just never really got around to creating the workout.  Finally, Max Baumgardner gave me a pack of blank dice and I began to play around with the idea of a randomized workout with select exercises.

One of my favorite workouts on the road is the Deck of Cards.  I have written and discussed this workout many times because it has been one of the foundational workouts for me on the road for the last 20 years.  I simply take a deck of cards in every travel bag and I know that I will be able to get a great workout no matter where I am, or if I have any equipment.

The dice game solves at least one problem with the Card game.  When it is windy, the cards blow away.  It would take a hurricane to blow away the dice so if it is windy, the dice can be a much better alternative to the cards.

Another advantage to the dice might be that there are 6 sides to a standard die.  I can select 6 exercises that require no equipment or do just 5 and leave one open as a Joker so that I can incorporate whatever is available on site.

This morning we used 3 dice + the number die to come up with a challenging workout.

Die 1





Flutter Kicks x 10

Joker = pullups today

Die 2 - Sandbag 

Clean and Jerk

Plank Pulls

Shoulder 2 Shoulder

Front Squats


Sandbag 2 shoulder

Die 3 - kettlebell


Single arm snatch


Goblet Squat

Single arm press

Joker = 200 m run today

Number Die (I have it in 5’s but you could make them any numbers you want)







For the first 5 minutes, just the bodyweight die

Second 5 minutes, bodyweight and sandbag

Last 10 minutes, bodyweight + sandbag + Kettlebell

The workout was good, not especially challenging but I will continue to work on the numbers and exercises to create a masterpiece of reps and exercises guaranteed to be extremely effective.

If you come up with some devious routines with the dice, let me know.  I really like the idea and want to continue to work on it for road workouts. Send them to me at Podcast@saltwaterexperience.com or tag me @tom_rowland on Instagram