Sleep - One Of The Key Pillars Of Health

Sleep - One Of The Key Pillars Of Health

Something I have often disregarded and, I think is probably one of the most commonly sacrificed pillars of health, is sleep. The more I have learned about sleep recently, the more I have been concerned and aware about my sleeping habits and I believe that will be true for you as well. If you learn more about the benefits and advantages of sleep, you might begin to be weary of how much you are sleeping.

Want to explore a new city and workout? Try this workout

Want to explore a new city and workout? Try this workout

Often when I’m traveling for work and find myself in a new area I’ll use this workout to see the town. The workout is 3 miles and 300 pushups and you can mix them up as much as you’d like. You can do all 300 pushups before you start your run, you can do 100 pushups every mile or you can come up with some other kind of variation.

Extreme Workouts To Build Mental Strength

Extreme Workouts To Build Mental Strength

It is 10:50 am and I have been working at a serious pace since 7:30 am.  So far, we have run 11 miles,  3 sets of stairs, 5 runs up the steepest hill in town, 30 burpees, 30 clap pushups, 200 weighted pullups, 400 weighted pushups, and 600 weighted squats (2 Murphs and a bunch of running). I have already consumed and sweated out over a gallon of water, but right now, I am just staring at a barbell and wondering if I can pick it up.  
The barbell was 155 pounds and was the single implement to a classic CrossFit hero workout called DT. 

Using Dice For Elite Fitness - The Game Evolves

Multiple Dice make things more interesting

Multiple Dice make things more interesting

The Dice Game is evolving for me.  I have thought about this format for quite a while but just never really got around to creating the workout.  Finally, Max Baumgardner gave me a pack of blank dice and I began to play around with the idea of a randomized workout with select exercises.

One of my favorite workouts on the road is the Deck of Cards.  I have written and discussed this workout many times because it has been one of the foundational workouts for me on the road for the last 20 years.  I simply take a deck of cards in every travel bag and I know that I will be able to get a great workout no matter where I am, or if I have any equipment.

The dice game solves at least one problem with the Card game.  When it is windy, the cards blow away.  It would take a hurricane to blow away the dice so if it is windy, the dice can be a much better alternative to the cards.

Another advantage to the dice might be that there are 6 sides to a standard die.  I can select 6 exercises that require no equipment or do just 5 and leave one open as a Joker so that I can incorporate whatever is available on site.

This morning we used 3 dice + the number die to come up with a challenging workout.

Die 1





Flutter Kicks x 10

Joker = pullups today

Die 2 - Sandbag 

Clean and Jerk

Plank Pulls

Shoulder 2 Shoulder

Front Squats


Sandbag 2 shoulder

Die 3 - kettlebell


Single arm snatch


Goblet Squat

Single arm press

Joker = 200 m run today

Number Die (I have it in 5’s but you could make them any numbers you want)







For the first 5 minutes, just the bodyweight die

Second 5 minutes, bodyweight and sandbag

Last 10 minutes, bodyweight + sandbag + Kettlebell

The workout was good, not especially challenging but I will continue to work on the numbers and exercises to create a masterpiece of reps and exercises guaranteed to be extremely effective.

If you come up with some devious routines with the dice, let me know.  I really like the idea and want to continue to work on it for road workouts. Send them to me at or tag me @tom_rowland on Instagram

How To Build Your Own Garage Gym Without Spending A Fortune

How To Build Your Own Garage Gym Without Spending A Fortune

I got some questions on the email ( that spawned this episode of Physical Friday. Which if you have any questions about fishing, fitness or guest suggestions just send it over maybe your question will make good material for an entire episode. I have my own home gym and it has certainly spiraled out of control. It takes up my garage and some of the driveway and I have more equipment than some actual gyms have. The way I have done it with my group is that people are welcome to come workout at my house and every now and then we will all chip in on a new piece of equipment.

Get In Shape For Tarpon Fishing

Get In Shape For Tarpon Fishing

I got a question from a listener about how someone might get in better shape to prepare for their Tarpon trip. This could easily be used for any flats fishing trip. It might seem silly to some to think that fishing requires fitness, but most people don’t stand up all day in the hot sun. Leg strength, lower back strength, and proper nutrition and hydration can go a long way to helping you to enjoy your trip much more. If you find this article interesting check out How To Extend Your Guiding Career and Primitive Travelers Survival Guide.

Killer Workout With Zero Equipment

Killer Workout With Zero Equipment

Dr. Izumi Tabata proved that 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times (4 minutes total) was the way that most athletes can produce the highest output of energy.  Today we discuss how to bring the Tabata Protocol into your training. You can feel free to get creative with the workouts and you don’t need any equipment to do it! Below are some combinations that I like to do and some thoughts on ways you can add to them.

Train Multiple People With Minimal Equipment - LeapFrog Workout

Train Multiple People With Minimal Equipment - LeapFrog Workout

Even though we are done with our 10 part hotel series, I want to keep doing some workouts in the format on minimal equipment. I think it is super helpful to know how to do some workouts without as much workout equipment. This workout is one of my favorite and you can do it with any type of workout station - you just need one more workout than you have people (2 people = 3 workout stations). This workout is AMRAP (As Many Round As Possible) in 20 minutes or whatever time you set. Here are some ways you can do these workouts: