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“We did 40 miles up a river dragging old dug out canoes to get to this waterfall where, the story goes, the Son of Tupa lives.”

Podcast Synopsis

Carter Andrews is obsessed. He is obsessed with fishing..all types of fishing.

Carter and I have a similar story and our paths have intersected many times over the last 30 years. We both grew up in Tennessee which makes a career as a saltwater fisherman unlikely at best. We both had the desire and followed that desire to end up in Jackson Hole, WY and guide for different and competing outfits. From there, I went to Key West and Carter went to Crooked Island, Bahamas then to Panama.

We fished many tournaments together and competed against one another in big events like the ESPN Great Outdoor Games. Today, our paths cross again in the television world. Carter has two shows on television now. The Obsession Of Carter Andrews and Legendary Catch.

Carter and I catch up, tell some old stories and I get to find out what he has been up to since the last time we saw one another. If you are a fan of Carter, please forward this article or share the player above with a few of your friends. Tag both @tom_rowland and @carterandrewsfishing on instagram and let us know that you listened to the show. Im sure Carter would love to know what you thought about his story. As always, if you liked this episode, please rate and review the Tom Rowland Podcast on iTunes with 5 stars and a review that tells the world why they should listen as well. You can reach me directly through the dedicated email with future guest suggestions or show suggestions.

Here are some highlights of this show:

00:00:00 - Guest Intro -  The story of the hunt for The Son Of Tupa

00:1:30- Tom Rowland’s introduction of Carter Andrews, and the many times their lives have intersected in tournaments, fishing shows and more.

00:02:57 - Catching up with Carter

00:03:26 - The last time Tom and Carter caught up and saw each other

00:04:05 - When Tom ran out of gas on the way back from The Everglades

00:04:34 - Carter’s biggest year, what he’s been up to (YETI Film, National Geographic, etc…)

00:07:10 - Carter and Tom’s overlap from growing up in Tennessee, Guiding in Jackson Hole, to working on and making TV Shows

00:10:15 - The people who started their fishing career in Jackson Hole, WY. (Joe Bressler and Jack Dennis)

00:11:59 - Tom guiding in the Keys and Carter in the Bahamas, what is it like to guide in a foreign environment where you know no one?

00:15:55 - Learning to chum with live bait

00:17:38 - Carter moving from the Bahamas to Panama

00:19:57 - Crooked Island

00:20:30 - Carter talks about Marlin Fishing

00:24:38 - What made Carter the character he his and made him successful in guiding

00:25:30 - Watching other guides and seeing how they do it versus doing things yourself and figuring it out and making mistakes

00:26:25 - Difference between two shows, The Obsession of Carter Andrews versus the National Geographic Show

00:32:00 - The story of The Son Of Tupa (The Jaguar and the Dorado) and the National Geographic shoot in Bolivia

00:35:21 - The last chance catch of pulling up the line and landing a fish

00:39:40 - What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened when catching a fish?

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The Son Of Tupa, National Geographic, Carter Andrews, The Obsession, The Everglades, YETI Film with Carter Andrews, Scott Sanchez, Jay Buckner, John Simms, Boots Allen, Jose Wejebe, Crooked Island, Simon Becker, Tim Hoover, Joe Bressler, Jack Dennis, Jeff Currier

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