Crazy Alberto Knie - Crazy Or Dedicated?




“I actually died. I died in a car accident in Manhattan.”

Podcast Synopsis

“Crazy” Alberto Knie is so passionate that it comes off as crazy. Alberto is very dedicated to pursuing whatever fish that is in his field, and he will pursue it anytime of the day or night and he does it with great precision. He just loves to fish and has given up a lot of things to get into fishing.

Alberto grew up in Hong Kong and moved to Brazil while he was still young. He became interested in fishing at a young age and frequently competed with his brother Roberto. He then went to Manhattan and was in the city during the Spanish Harlem and he only spoke Portuguese. There were a lot of gangs and killings in the lower east side and fishing was the only outlet for Alberto. When paying his way through college Alberto had the opportunity to work at a five-star Japanese restaurant and work with sushi. Using his artistic background Alberto is able to make some truly beautiful sushi (check it out @crazy_alberto_knie).

One of the craziest stories I’ve heard on any of my podcasts was with Alberto. He actually died in a car accident when he was working in Manhattan. Alberto shared about what he saw and his experience as he came to with the medic bringing him back to life. Alberto says that those closest to him have noticed that there was a man before he died, and a man after he came back. He’s different since and he sees life differently…

Truly an amazing podcast with Alberto, I consider him a true friend and I hope you enjoy the podcast today.

Here are some highlights of this show:

00:00:00 - Guest Intro, quote open about Alberto dying in a car accident

00:01:30 - About Crazy Alberto, and his incredible passion for fishing

00:02:27 - What makes Alberto tick, how he got to this point in his career

00:08:15 - About Alberto’s family, his fishing with his brother Roberto

00:12:10 - Alberto getting into the fishing profession and how Alberto shares the purest form of fishing joy

00:13:02 - Too many expectations to be a guide

00:21:17 - Always thinking about catching the next fish. Why is Alberto called crazy? Because he is so passionate and his passion is often misunderstood

00:27:16 - Big fish didn’t get big for being stupid

00:29:25 - Tactical Anglers - What is it?

00:35:22 - Growing up in Manhattan, getting out of a dangerous environment by fishing

00:40:20 - Alberto wants to catch similar fish in multiple areas and he wants to help other people achieve their bucket list fish

1:02:14 - Take the high road and be the best person you can be

1:02:28 - How did Alberto learn how to do sushi?

1:03:23 - Alberto died in a car accident while working in at a lure company and driving home, he saw his life flash and he looks at life differently.

1:05:18 - Alberto captures people’s smiles when he takes them fishing

1:05:59 - The rice is the key to any good sushi

01:08:07 - The rules for sushi that you cannot break

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See you next time,

Tom Rowland