How To Get Into Kayak Fishing Feat. Josh Thomas




“Comparison is the thief of joy.”


Josh Thomas of Vibe Kayaks lives by the motto; “getting more of out there and less of in here,” and he joins me today to talk about one way of “getting more of out there” which is kayak fishing. I asked Josh what his quick little introduction to kayak fishing would be and he gave me some great pointers on how to get into kayak fishing and what factors to consider. When looking into kayak fishing you need to decide what you are going to use the kayak for, there are many different kinds of boats, and similarly, many different kinds of kayaks. What kind of water are you going to be fishing in? What kind of fish are you fishing for? How do you want to rig your kayak? Do you want to be standing and stable or paddling and quick?

There are a lot of different types of boats

You have to get past the old-school idea that you would flip when fishing from a kayak. Kayaks have come a long way, especially sit-on-top kayaks that are self-bailing and you shouldn’t get swamped. There are many different kinds of kayaks that will fit exactly the kind of fishing that you are hoping to do. There are four things to consider when determining what kind of kayak you are looking for. Consider the water, fish, rigging and speed or stability. Once you have all of those things determined, Josh says, then you can look at price-point.

What kind of water?

Are you going offshore or inshore? Big reservoirs or lakes? You can get ultra niche in the kayak industry and you can get exactly the kayak for what kind of water you are wanting to fish in.

What kind of fish?

Depending on the fish, and the gear that you will need, you will want a specific kind of kayak. There is a kayak that will be catered specifically for the kind of fish you want. So once you have the type of water you are wanting to fish in you can get even more specific with the type of fish and gear you will want to bring on the kayak.

How are you going to rig it?

Do your homework on how you would like to rig the kayak and what kind of gear you will need. Once you know the kind of water you will be fishing in, and the kind of fish and gear you will need then you can look at ways in which you can rig your kayak and the amenities you can add to it.

Are you standing or paddling?

The last thing, once you’ve answered the first three questions, is to ask yourself if you’d rather be standing or sitting. Standing is a more stable kayak and for sitting you will be paddling and burning more calories. Do you want to be paddling and covering more mileage? Would you like to save your energy and have a more stable kayak? Those are things that you need to consider for sure.

Once you have narrowed it down to the kind of kayak you are looking for then you can begin to look at price point. As Josh says, a more expensive kayak does not necessarily mean that it is a better kayak for you. If you know exactly the kayak for your needs then you can find the price that fits what you are looking for. Lastly you need test paddle and find demos where you can see if you really like the kayak on the water. And especially if you aren’t sure what kind of kayak you are looking for, go test them out and test paddle different kayaks. See what you like and what fits your needs.

Check out the show notes:

00:00 - Intro and what would Josh’s elevator speech be to get someone started kayak fishing

00:44 - The first point is there is a lot of different boats, and you have to get past the idea that you might flip when fishing

01:22 - What kind of water are you paddling? Inshore? Offshore?

01:54 - What kind of fish are you fishing? Depending on the fish you would want very different boats and different gear

02:14 - Do your homework on how you can rig kayaks, think about the end game of what you will use the kayak for

03:03 - Are you going to be standing or paddling? Will you be going for speed or stability?

03:49 - After you ask the 4 big questions then you can narrow it down to price point and more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean a better kayak.

04:33 - The SeaGhost Vibe Kayak and the all purpose kayak - understanding what your endgame is

05:07 - Test paddle a lot and use demo days

05:28 - as a database for kayaking resources as well as Kayaking Magazine

05:53 - If you want to know more from Josh or have more questions about kayak fishing just shoot me an email or message me on instagram @tom_rowland