3 Workouts Without A Gym Or Equipment




“You’re using things around you and not being reliant on the hotel gym.”

Podcast Synopsis

Continuing on with our 10 part series of hotel workouts we are going to talk about what happens when there is no gym in the hotel. At the bottom you will find 3 workouts you can do without any equipment or gym, you can do these virtually anywhere when you are traveling for work or on vacation. These are great bodyweight workouts to do when you have to stay in shape but don’t have the gym to workout in. Or maybe you don’t want to do the dumbbell workouts or the gym is charging you to use the gym. Try out this instead of a gym… There are almost always stairs or a parking garage.

With stair workouts you can simply run up and down the stairs, or include burpees at the top and bottom, and if you are time pressed then you can set a timer and see how many times you can do the stairs and burpees in that amount of time.

For a parking garage you can do the deck of cards workout. Each suite is a workout (you have 4 suites) and you have to do that many reps (whatever number you get in a particular suite). Then for jokers you can set some running exercise, running to the top of the garage, or run up the stairs… Another workout I will do is burpees, pushups and squats and then run to the top of the parking garage and doing that as many times as I can. So below are the workouts written out in case you like to just skip to that part and use the workout

Hotel Stairs

10 burpees at the bottom

Run up the stairs

10 burpees at the top

Run down the stairs

As many as possible in 20-30 minutes

Parking Garage

10 Pushups

10 Burpees

15 Squats

Run to top of garage and back down stairs

Do that as many times as possible

Deck of Cards

Hearts is pushups (for example)

You draw at 7 of hearts, do 7 pushups

You draw a joker you have to run up the parking garage

Go through the entire deck

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See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland