The Only Knot You Need




“There are many knots that may work better, but his knot is the only one you need and will work for 99.9% of fishing situations.”

Podcast Synopsis

I’ve gotten so many questions about knots in my career that I eventually went and filmed over 40 videos about how to tie different knots. You can watch all of them if you click HERE. One of the most popular videos that I published was the Uni Knot, titled “The Only Knot You Need.”

The Uni Knot or Duncan Loop Knot is a great go-to for teaching anyone how to tie knots and using with people who have not fished very much or when teaching your kids. It is a great knot because it is so versatile and you can use it for almost all fishing situations.

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-Tom Rowland

How To Choose A Bonefish Fly

How To Choose A Bonefish Fly

When choosing a bonefish fly, it is important to keep in mind the shape, size, and sink rates. Depending where you are fishing, you will need to have a heavier or lighter weight bonefish fly. For instance, if you are fishing in shallow water, you don’t want to throw a heavier weight bonefish fly in, as it will scare the fish away. Instead, you will want to have a lighter fly that will sink towards the bottom without having a strong, heavy impact.

How To Tie A Bonefish Leader

How To Tie A Bonefish Leader

Lefty Kreh made the 50% rule for leaders and I use it all the time. A 9ft leader is kind of standard. There is a very simple formula, the one made by Lefty. 

We start with 50 and taper down to 15. We start 4ft of 50lb, 2ft of 30lb, 1ft of 25lb then double the last distance of 2ft of 15lb.