Boat Ramp Etiquette




Podcast Synopsis

Today I wanted to talk about boat ramp etiquette - things like how to back your boat in, how to get ready and how to avoid altercations or frustrating other people. The boat ramp is a place where everybody is pretty excited, you have professional fishing guides there who have their system down and can get their boat in and out pretty quickly.

That is exactly the way you want to do it whether you’re a professional fishing guide or a rank amateur. Here is a way for you to start your day at the boat ramp in the best way. So here are some bullet points from this How 2 Tuesday.

  • Don’t spend any unnecessary time on the boat ramp or in the area of the boat ramp. There may be a line, but only get in line or go to the boat ramp when you are READY to be in line or at the boat ramp. This starts all the way at home. Make sure your rods are ready, don’t do any rigging on the boat. Make sure you have enough lines to tie your boat up. Make sure your safety gear is ready to go.

  • Pull far away from the boat ramp in the parking lot. Stay super far from the traffic of the boat ramp and that no one has to go around you to get to the ramp. And, the most important part, you are going to put the plug in. The boat plug is the most important piece of fishing gear.

  • Set up your lines (probably a good idea to have a bow line even if you trust your wench really well, I usually have the bow line in one hand and pushing the boat off the trailer with the other). This way if you fall over, because it is super wet, you won’t drift out to the middle of the marina. At this point you have your strap off, and your plug in.

  • Get in line.

If you have trouble backing in a boat trailer definitely listen on ways to practice. It is certainly not something that is natural and nothing to be embarrassed of. It is difficult to back up a trailer, and is something you should practice.

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See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland