Robert Arrington - Deer Meat For Dinner




“Don’t worry about tomorrow, worry about today.”

-Robert Arrington

Podcast Synopsis

Robert Arrington has a Youtube personality that goes by DeerMeatForDinner.  He currently has over 850,000 subscribers and records weekly videos of him catching/killing, cleaning, and then cooking his kill.  

Robert was raised as a true Florida Cracker, as his grandfather was a cow hunter in the 1930s. Though academically uneducated, Robert’s grandfather was wiser than anyone when it came to knowing and living off the land. The greatest thing Robert had learned from spending time with his grandfather was to take each day as it comes, and so he has.

Today, Robert has a giant following on digital platforms, but at one point he was telling his story on conventional television.  When the economy shifted and things got tough on television, Robert and his wife decided to go a different direction, but were not exactly sure what that was.

Robert and his wife were in the kitchen making their favorite, deer meat for dinner. While cooking, they brain-stormed, "What do we like in this world? What makes us happy?" The answer: Deer meat! At that very second, they ran into the office and bought the name "DeerMeatForDinner". Right away, we started uploading videos on our YouTube channel and before we knew it, DMFD started to grow fast! Now, they are devoting everything they have into their brand.

From skinning alligators to pulling hog’s balls, Robert has a video for just about everything and anything. He loves being resourceful in his hunting practices, and uses as much meat as he can for each kill. Today, Robert continues to upload 3-4 videos per week, and is always growing a loyal audience. However, Robert makes sure that he doesn’t specifically ask for viewers to subscribe like other YouTubers usually do. Instead, he always makes sure to thank the viewers and subscribers for tuning in, and is blessed to have the followers he already has.

Residing in Jupiter, FL, Robert is a dedicated family man who allows the viewers to get to know the most important people in his life: his family.  Between his family, editing and creating, DeerMeatForDinner found 1.5 hours to sit down and tell his entire story, and a few funny tales along the way.

- Tom Rowland