David Mangum - How To Feed A Tarpon




“The closer the fish gets to the fly, the faster we go but the shorter the strips become, that’s the basics of it.”

Podcast Synopsis

Born in Florida, Captain David Mangum grew up cultivating his passion for fishing. David guides in the waters where he learned to fish and is well versed in light tackle and offshore fishing. But David has a particular passion for fly fishing. He’s gone to guide in Alaska, Colorado, Texas, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. Because of his experience David offers very specific instructions when stalking, casting and watching a Tarpon eat your fly.

A crucial part of preparing to cast is positioning your boat, David will give his anglers an 11 o’clock shot with their cast. Many times you can’t see the fish from super far away, and if you can see a fish that is 100ft away you don’t want to make a 70ft cast. This is because, from the moment you let that line go, if the fish deviates just a hair left or right, then the time it takes for the line to travel out there, land and come tight, the fish is off track.

David says it is important to fish for tarpon at a short distance. This way you can control the fly and the fish and their relationship. In general the water is not that clean, which is a blessing if you know tarpon. But, because you can’t see very far you will lead the fish by about 10ft. You will go across the tarpon’s line of travel (this is called fencing) and you are going to bring the fly to about 5 feet from tarpon and make it so that the fish will have to move around the fly to not run into it… Listen to the podcast for the rest of Davids instructions! Great stuff!

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