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“Fishing is a cure. Fishing on a paddle board is another cure. Just paddle boarding is a cure. Or at least is a modality towards health and well being.”

Podcast Synopsis

Josh Colins and I spoke about his 2,742 mile paddle board trip from Texas to the Statue of Liberty and his incredible story. Josh is a veteran that has a very extensive resume; a special operations combat veteran with multiple rotations to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia in support of the war on terror. Josh is a wounded warrior with 4 traumatic brain injuries (loss of consciousness from explosive blasts, 2 from parachute landing falls, and one from combative training). He retired in 2008, but continued to support the military as a contractor state-side and abroad. While leading a training exercise in 2013 he had his last traumatic brain injury, complete with a fractured nose, rib, and cervical spine compression.

With the doctor’s prescribed medications and self-medicating with alcohol, Josh reached the limits of his functionality. Josh went from that to bouncing back, he talks about his story of the struggles he faced and the peace that he found by stepping onto a paddle board. He realized he could bring awareness to his own PTSD and that of the struggles of our veterans. Josh tells an incredible story of his own health and how he regained it but also the story of how we can help those who struggle from PTSD.

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