Live Q&A With Tom




“I try to help others become a better fishermen, a better hunter, a better outdoorsman,  a better at whatever. If I can help I’m happy to do so but I’d like to help as many people as we can all at the same time.”

Podcast Synopsis

I took the time to do a LIVE question and answer podcast for the first time. Using Facebook Live, Instagram Live, emailed questions and tweets, I answer questions for two hours on virtually every subject. From Goliath grouper regulations, to how to become a fishing guide, Capt. License questions, or how to stay in shape on the road, the questions keep flooding in and I try my best to answer them all.

Thank you to all the fans and friends who participated in this live event.


Capt License. Sea School—Flynn Smith


Bahia Honda Rig —


9:57 Rich and Tom Difference --


10:38 Snook fishing- Richard Black episode.


12:23—How to clean up rusty gear


13:01 Favorite Sturgill Song-

Welcome to Earth


13:42- Everglades Water Quality-  

Link to Captains for Clean Water Podcast--

Link to

Plumbing problem and a Water Quality Problem


17:58 What can concerned anglers do to help the Everglades?


19:36— What is your favorite fish to catch?  


20:23—Is there an organization that supports Clean Water across the US?


21:24— What is your favorite app for checking Weather?

Windy, Dark Skies, MyRadarPro, Marine Weather, NOAA Forecast


23:30—Did you ever have the honor of fishing with Lefty Kreh?


24:55—Have you ever refinished a Pushpole before?  Can you salvage a pole that is shedding?


26:01— How can we find and listen to the podcast?  Link to iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play

Ryan Nitz Podcast—


Ryan Nitz on Youtube


28:56— Braid or Mono?  What is your preference?


Cortland Braid link


30:20— What is your favorite boat to fish from and why?


32:44—I have a 10 weight and 12 weight fly rod.  Which do I use for Tuna?


34:10—Do Tuna Plugs work for other fish like a striped Bass?


34:39— Would you recommend a Roadie Yeti?


36:14—Can you flyfish for tuna?


36:31—How do you stay in shape on the road?


38:58—What was your first catch that got you really excited about fishing?


42:30— How do you tie a Flyfishing leader?


Lefty Kreh Leader formula


44:40— What is your biggest fish ever on fly?


46:08—How do you fish without a boat?


48:40—What is your favorite tide phase for targeting bonefish and would that change based on location?


53:19— Do you strip set, trout set or Bill Dance set?


54:58— What is your favorite fly reel?


56:28—What is the best weight fly rod for redfish?


58:27—Any tips on bait or lures for fishing snook in tanic water?


1:01:30— From Facebook- What knots do you use for the custom leaders?


1:04:30—Would you consider creating a saltwater fishing school.  At Hawks Cay maybe?


1:05:04— MY FAVORITE QUESTION—Do fish hide under bridges when it is raining so they don’t get wet?


1:06:30- Should I use a 12 weight or a 14 weight rod for sailfish?


1:09:15—Can you recommend a good resort in Islamorada or Marathon?


1:09:55- Would you try Muskie lures for tarpon?


1:10:05—What are your favorite 3 places to fish in the Florida Keys?


1:13:00— what is your opinion about opening the Goliath Grouper Season or harvesting Goliath Grouper?


1::14:00—Redfish overfishing in the past


1:18:30— Bringing my own boat to the Keys.  Where do I find grouper and snappers?


1:20:00—Chumming with sandballs


1:20:47— Should there be a lottery for Goliath Grouper tags?


1:21:48—What is the best way for a young angler to get his name out there and get sponsors?


1:23:00—More Goliath Grouper talk and questions


1:26:45— What is the best product to hold my 24 Pathfinder in place?


1:27:33—How is the snook population?


1:28:29—Is there any truth to the rumor that there is a new show called the Hawks Cay Chronicles?


1:29:00—How do you get started as a mate?


1:30:25—How do shark tactics differ between Florida and Texas?


1:32:05— What is a good starter boat for the Keys?


1:35:05—What is a good place to find pilchards in the Keys?


1:36:30—Is it possible to chum bonefish closer to your boat?


1:37:50—When are coming to take your old fat friend fishing?


1:39:00—Story about getting a hook in the nose


1:40:05—What is your favorite fishing spot?


1:41:33— Are there fishing camps for kids?

Search Capt. Matt Bud in Jupiter Florida


1:44:12—Can I catch a record Albacore on fly?


1:1:47:00—What is the biggest snook you have ever caught?


1:50—Are there lion fish in the gulf?


1:52:30—How do you catch bigger fish from a bridge, on foot?


1:53:33—What is your go-to when the tide is very low?


1:57:35—If you could only catch one specie for the rest of your life. What would that be?


1:59:00—How often do you fish Islamorada?


2:00:00—Close, THANK YOU!  Incredible questions!

- Tom Rowland