Perfect Practice For Fishing Line Management




“The statement was refined to ‘perfect practice makes perfect’ and I believe that.”

Podcast Synopsis

Last week we talked about fly line management and this one is how to practice so that you are also practicing fly line management. It’s been said that perfect practice makes perfect - we are going to talk about practices to make you a better angler.

No matter where you are (even if you are practicing on the local football field) you are going to use a 15 foot piece of rope and make a shape that looks like a boat bow. You will then step back into the simulated cockpit and pull the line off your reel and you will stretch it and re-strip it into a nice neat pile. Then you are going to roll cast from the ready position into a back cast and forward cast, then you will shoot the line to a target.

Then you will strip in, just like you were fishing, and you are going to try to pay attention to getting the line in the cockpit. Just pretend that you didn’t catch the fish. This happens a lot and now you have a loose, unorganized pile of line all on the deck and your feet. So how can you quickly get this back into a nice, neat orderly pile in the cockpit?

Well, you are going to go right to the reel and you are going to hold rod just like you’ve been stripping and take this little tiny piece of line that is between the reel and your index finger. You are going to start stripping right there and you are going to step back into the cockpit and organize it. Then you are going to step back up and cast, back and forth and shoot to target, then strip back in and organize your pile again.

You are going to do this every time. Some guides like to use a strip basket, you can get a basket and practice on the football field or wherever you are practicing. If the guide has a basket this is the best for organizing your line, but sometimes it isn’t available so that is why I said to just make a pile in the cockpit.

Perfect practice makes perfect. If you practice this then you will have better luck and become better prepared by doing this 10 times, than by just casting to a target 60 times. These are very important skills to have for proper line management and this is the difference between someone who catches a lot of fish and someone show doesn’t….

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See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland