Take Your Workout To The Parking Lot




“I don’t like working out in a hotel gym. I don’t actually like working out in any gym. If I can, I will workout outside.”

Podcast Synopsis

Every location you go to when you travel will have a parking lot - and you can exercise and workout right there in the parking lot! Make sure you take advantage of the space and follow these workouts that you can do without any equipment or gym! We’ve made it to part 4 of our 10 part series. We are doing great, and this podcast is on parking lot workouts. Honestly, I don’t like hotel gyms, I don’t like working out in any gyms. I like working out outside, so usually I will head out to the parking lot if I can. So let’s check out some good workouts you can do in a hotel parking lot with ZERO equipment.

First up you can use the parking lot lines to do suicide sprints. You will start on one line, run to the first parking lot line and back to where you started. Then you will run to the next one and do this up to 6 lines away. After you do that you will rest. What I like to do is time how long it takes me to run the full 6 line suicide sprint and then do a 1:1 ratio of rest to work. So if it takes me a minute to run the whole sprint then I will do another minute of rest.

Another you can do is the 20 meter multistage fitness test. This is a test used almost universally to test fitness for athletes all over. You can watch the video here:

Make sure you listen to the podcast before you watch the video - the video will tell you what to do and when according to the beeps. Keep track of how long you last and then try again and see how well you do when you try again.

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See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland