EagleEye Fred - Bimini Bahamas




“Yeah, to make somebody happy it really makes me happy. To me that’s what it’s all about, making somebody happy.”

Podcast Synopsis

I am going out on a ledge and saying this is the first podcast in history that there has ever been a podcast done on the water, on a bonefish boat, in Bimini Bahamas. Eagle Eye Fred has been guiding for 47, he is a kind hearted, sweetheart of a guy and he actually has eyes like an eagle. Fred pulls a boat like a man half his age, he gets around like a man half his age and he’s just in great shape. We talked about things Fred has learned over his 47 year career and he taught me a lot about the history of Bimini. Before I recorded this I caught a bunch of bonefish and afterwards I caught a bunch more bonefish.

Fred told me that even when he was a boy, even on foot instead of on a boat, it was easy for him to know the patterns of how the bonefish moved. As he grew up it was easy for him to continue to know where the bonefish would be and where they would be moving next. Fred claims that he would be guiding 18 days out of 20 days, he said he was able to quickly have clients. When I asked him his personal favorite way to catch bonefish he said that it was on a fly just like me!

It was truly a joy to meet Eagle Eye Fred and get to have him as a guest on the podcast. I hope you enjoy it and let me know some of your favorite quotes from Fred! Would love to share them on my social media and promote the first ever podcast on the water in Bimini!

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-Tom Rowland