Questions And Answers From Instagram Feat. Will Taylor




“Find your niche, whatever that is, and go from there.”

- Will Taylor

Podcast Synopsis

After meeting through Instagram, Will Taylor and I have had a lot of fun together. As a Blue Ridge native and a professional fly-fishing guide, Will guides mostly in the Northern Georgia area for giant trout. When Will isn’t a guide or out fishing, he loves being with his 16-month old daughter and watching her grow.

I had a chance to do a Q&A with my followers and podcast listeners as they ask questions for the both of us to answer.

In this podcast, Will and I discuss post-fishing routines, good motivators, favorite fishing stories, go-to fishing equipment, and give advice for any level experience fishers out of there. Here are the questions we answer:

01:50 How do you balance a new baby, two businesses and fishing?

02:48 If you had to choose one fish to catch for the rest of your life, what would it be?

03:54 If you only had one artificial bait to use for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

05:46 What is your favorite libation after fishing?

07:15 Best flamingo rod and reel for snook and snapper?

09:45 What is your biggest sea Trout?

11:12 Best bait for targeting bridge tarpon in November?

12:17 Have you ever fished in New Jersey?

12:52 Do you guide anymore? If so, what is your favorite fish to catch?

13:44 I found a big school of reds that wouldn’t eat anything, what should I throw?

14:54 How many pancakes can you eat?

16:25 Are you going hunting with Deer Meat For Dinner?

18:42 Why crossfit instead of body building?

20:19 If you could do a podcast episode with anyone in the world who would it be?

21:24 Have you ever caught a Bluefin Tuna? And would you want to?

25:40 Have you ever fished for Rainbow Trout in Tennessee?

26:14 What’s the diameter of your calves?

27:32 Do you have any advice for an aspiring guide in South Florida?

32:30 Who’s your favorite wrestler of all time?

33:50 What motivates you?

35:30 Whats your favorite search bait?

37:30 Have you ever hunted in South Texas?

43:00 What’s the biggest Tarpon you’ve ever caught?

44:50 What’s your biggest snook?

45:40 Tips on if I want to make Fishing my career and possibly be a guide?

48:35 Is the new wave of streamer only fly fisherman ruining fly fishing?

50:40 How do you manage everything? Family, work, business, fitness?

52:15 Whats the most versatile fly rod?

52:50 As years pass, has your relationship with your prey changed?

55:15 Are you going to make a guest appearance on Into The Blue?

55:50 What knot do you use on your permit leaders?

57:40 How do you get difficult dolphin to bit when they are behind the boat?

58:18 Whats the most important thing you’ve learned to make each day more productive?

Will is releasing his own podcast, Will Taylor’s Podcast, about his day-to-day life and fishing activities. Be sure to keep a look out for it soon!

I hope we answered all your questions. If not, post some new ones in the comments.

See you on the water!

-Tom Rowland