Quick Update: Appearances, News & New Content





Podcast Synopsis

I am creating so much content right now that it is hard to tell everyone where everything is and how to access it. So here I am going to share in a Quick Update, where you can find all the new things that are going to happen this week.


First - I built a new Podcast studio (image as Thumbnail of this podcast and this article). Its got some sound proofed walls, artwork on the walls and table. Its not much but its a cool place for me to do podcasts here in my office.


Next is the Miami Boat Show, which is happening around Valentine’s Day Weekend. I have not been at the Boat Show for a couple years because there was always the wrestling state tournament during that same weekend. But I needed to be there to support my boys. However, this year I will be there with Rich and we will be in the Yellowfin, Mercury and Lowrance booths. You can run into us there and meet us. Yellowfin is our home base and would love to meet you there. I will also be holding workouts in the mornings (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at our hotel and please join. Watch my social media @tom_rowland for where I will be.


I have learned so much with the podcast and really enjoyed everything I have gotten to do. I actually was invited to join a Podcast Collective recently. Waypoint TV moved into the podcast network and they have a whole podcast featuring some really cool outdoor, hunting and fishing podcasts. Two of them I have actually had on my podcast (FishStrong Joe Simmonds & Will Taylor) and many others that you should check out, you can subscribe straight to the Waypoint Collective Podcast and listen to all of these podcasts released weekly.

2019 SHOWS

I have been getting a lot of questions about where you can watch the Saltwater Experience 2019 season. We have been editing them and they are some of our best episodes yet. We have been filming at Hawks Cay Resort, we had Matt Hughes 9x UFC Champion come fish with us and some other amazing guests. If you check out Waypoint TV you can watch all of our available episodes there for free. On Networks we are up on

  1. Sun Sports

  2. NBC Sports

  3. Discovery Channel


I have a full time team helping go through our old content - we have loads of content that we do to put up a 22 minute show, and in that we have lots of stuff that we haven’t done anything with. So we are going through old content and putting up some awesome stuff on social media. Go check out Saltwater Experience or Tom Rowland on social media.


I did 2 podcasts with Captains for Clean Water and learned a ton about what is going on with the Everglades. I highly recommend you check those out. I got one featuring Bouncer Smith, one with Layne Norton, Rob Chapman, Miles Burghoff, and Jessica “Dixie” Mills.

Now with the Miami Boat Show I am able to get some time with people that I would not normally be able to be near. But I have 10 podcasts lined up and I am really excited about the guests that will be coming up. So many of the guests have come from you sending emails to podcast@saltwaterexperience.com so please keep them up.

See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland