How to Help The Bahamas





“If you can’t help physically and you can’t give any money, please give them your thoughts and your prayers”


Hurricane Dorian is still over the Bahamas and from the videos that I have seen it is unbelievable how bad it is. I thought a good podcast for today would be How To Help the Bahamas. The ways in which you can help are through supplies, finances, time or physical efforts and the organizations you can give to are coming together now.

l am doing this podcast to let everyone know that I will be promoting vetted organizations on my social media @tom_rowland and @saltwater_experience. If you know of any organizations that I should be informing everyone about please let me know either by messaging me on social media or by emailing me:

I do know of an organization called, It’s Better In The Bahamas that Peter Miller tagged in his social media and they are doing donations to help The Bahamas. Go check them out and keep up to date on my social media accounts for more information as I get it.

Check out the show notes:

00:00 - How you can help the Bahamas, which are still under Hurricane Dorian

00:43 - I have been getting a lot of emails to see if I knew about resources (and if you hear this please let me know of any resources you know about)

01:26 - Peter Miller just posted about donating to It’s Better In The Bahamas

02:50 - Stick to social media and let me know of any resources you know about that I can promote

03:12 - Please be willing to donate supplies, money, time, physical help and more

03:40 - Let me know anything I can promote on how to help with Hurricane Dorian, email me or on instagram @tom_rowland