Want to explore a new city and workout? Try this workout





“Today, mission accomplished...”

Podcast Synopsis

Often when I’m traveling for work and find myself in a new area I’ll use this workout to see the town. The workout is 3 miles and 300 pushups and you can mix them up as much as you’d like. You can do all 300 pushups before you start your run, you can do 100 pushups every mile or you can come up with some other kind of variation.

Also if you are in an area where you might feel unsafe or not wanting to get lost you can do the workout on a treadmill in the gym or you can check out one of these other hotel workouts:

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Let me know if you come up with any additions to the workout or find things that you enjoy! I love being creative and finding ways to challenge myself in any scenario, so share your experience and I might go try it myself! Shoot me an email: podcast@saltwaterexperience.com or message me through instagram: @tom_rowland.

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