Stuck In Your Hotel Room? Try These Bodyweight Workouts


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“Never be in a situation where you are frustrated because you can’t workout, because you can always workout.”

Podcast Synopsis

Sometimes you have work to do, or you are waiting on an appointment and you just can’t leave your hotel room but you want to get in a solid workout. I have for you quite a few bodyweight workouts that you can do and will give you exercises where you can be creative and quick so you aren’t spending tons of time working out. You don’t need any equipment for these workouts and you can do them anywhere, that’s what makes them perfect for traveling and time sensitive situations.

This may be the most important Physical Friday across the board because there are so many situations when you might not be able to leave your Hotel Room. Whether you are waiting for something for work, or you are downloading something, or the gym doesn’t have a weight room or maybe you don’t feel safe leaving. In any case, there are awesome workouts that you can do and by far my favorite is doing 100 burpees for time.

There are times when I am traveling and have meetings set up back to back and I will get back and only have 15 minutes before I need to shower and go to another meeting. In those cases I will do my 100 burpees because I do not want to get off track on my workouts but I am not traveling for working out. I am traveling for work and so there are times when I have to make time to workout because I know I am at my best when I workout. For the 100 burpees it should take you somewhere between 4-10 minutes, and it will definitely make you feel like you worked out.

Another situation is that when on a shoot for Saltwater Experience there are times that the weather will interrupt our ability to film. In that case I will be in my room but have to be ready to head out at any moment. For this situation I will get a deck of cards and make each card equal 20 push-ups which means I will do up to 1000 pushups. Or you can work in handstand pushups, you can do the Deck Of Cards workout, or if you are tired of pushups you can do a plank or you can do handstands. Something I like to do with handstands is say I have to be up there for 5 minutes and if you fall you have to come up with a punishment (pushups, sit-ups etc).

Below is a video of how to do the “Marguerita” workout I described:

Another thing that I will do during this time is use it for recovery and in this case I will do yoga. If you don’t like the word yoga you can call it “stretching and mobility,” but it is very important to stretch out and stay moving. If you are an Amazon Prime member I recommend following Julia Jarvis - or I subscribe to Black Swan Yoga and they have great videos for you there.

Now you have no excuse - you can workout anywhere and see how creative you can be and let me know what you come up with. Maybe you’ll be included in the next podcast and we will name the workout after you.

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See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland