Seasickness - How To Avoid It. Tips From Expert Photographer Jason Stemple




“Most captains will tell you to stare at the horizon… But I also think that staying busy works, you’re keeping your mind active and you’re not thinking about becoming seasick.”

Podcast Synopsis

I got a question on the email about seasickness and I was going to start a How 2 Tuesday on this subject and then I remembered a podcast I did with expert photographer Jason Stemple. Jason is a phenomenal photographer and I have never seen him get so seasick that he is down for the count. He seems to have some pretty solid ideas on how to take photos inshore and offshore and avoid the sickness that is pretty common for that kind of work.

Jason says that he starts off taking Dramamine the night before a shoot and also in the morning before leaving. But even with the pill, there are still situations when staring through a telephoto lens for too long that the pill won’t be able to help. Jason says that you need to have everything on you, looking in a camera box, going below the deck are all things that will make matters much worse. But also with kids it may be better to just give them Dramamine the night before and not the morning of going on the water. There have been times that Jason took the second Dramamine and it made him a little foggy so he was not controlling his body well and that made him get seasick. So being alert and able to focus is very important when you are offshore and especially if you are taking photos offshore.

Something else that I have noticed for sure is the mental game of avoiding seasickness. If you begin to think, “Maybe I’m getting seasick,” then you are most certainly going to start feeling sick. If you stay busy and are preoccupied then there is less chance of you getting sick. Also it is pretty common to hear captains say to look at the horizon; its not good to be looking down or to be looking through a telephoto lens for too long, so staring at the horizon is always a good way to avoid getting sick.

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