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“Everybody has their own right to get a captain’s license and become a fishing guide, I just believe there are qualifications that should be there before. It’s just too simple.”

Podcast Synopsis

I had the privilege of sitting down with Captain Matt Budd for this podcast and hearing about his history of growing up with a father who was a well known fishing guide, Cliff Budd. Growing up in Jupiter, Florida and with a guide for a dad, Matt was driven to share his knowledge with the youth in his area. With a background as an EMT, Firefighter and Fire Inspector, Matt is able to safely teach the children in his area and inspire a sense of adventure in the Jupiter Fishing Academy.

In this podcast we talked about the balance of people being able to do whatever they want to do (becoming a hunting or fishing guide) and follow their passion and also following a path that is the right way. Versus the wrong way. A path that creates respect from those around you as compared to a path that creates resistance from those around you.

I saw the Jupiter Fishing Academy first hand when I fished with Matt, and I was very impressed with how the camp ran. I enjoy fishing with Matt, he is a guy that I am very impressed with - he has a commanding understanding of his fishery and his bait and the way the whole thing works. He fishes both commercially and recreationally as a guide.

I really enjoyed this conversation with him, he had some different points of view from what I usually have on this podcast. Normally I say that people should do what they want to do and they should follow their passion, but is there too much of that? I don’t know, listen to the podcast and see what you think about his new perspective.

You can follow Matt on instagram @captmattbudd or on YouTube

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See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland