2 Workouts With A Jump Rope And Rogue Mobility Band You Can Do Anywhere




“No excuses, get that workout in.”

Podcast Synopsis

We are now at number 9 out of our 10 part series on exercises you can do while you are traveling for work or pleasure. These workouts are ones you can do with minimal equipment and some with no equipment at all, and today we are going to cover jump rope workouts. Whenever I travel I always carry a jelly jump rope that is probably the cheapest jump rope you can get; and I will still get a giant rubber band (Rogue jump stretch band) and I use a blue one, green one and black one. I use these bands for resistance exercises and the jump rope is another tool for exercising aside from the treadmill, stairs or pool.

For jump roping you can do singles or a double-under which is where you pass the jump rope twice under your feet. This is a great way to get some exercise and switch up your technique. You can use the double-under exercise as a replacement for any running exercise.

The Annie Crossfit Workout

A benchmark workout where you can compare to others who also do this workout

50-40-30-20-10 rep set up

50 double-unders, 50 sit ups then move down to 40 and so on

Using The Rogue Bands

Use them in squats for resistance

Push-ups (have the band around one hand, over your back and on the other hand)

Attach to a tree branch and pull down for resistance

For aid on pull-ups you can put the band on your knees to help you pull up.

No excuses, get that workout in.

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See you next week - no excuses,

-Tom Rowland