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“When 9/11 happened, that’s when I wanted to be a bigger part of the team, so that’s when I looked at ROTC. I just wanted to serve in some form or fashion.”

Podcast Synopsis

Chris Bush is an active duty Air Force Officer and angler from Louisiana. He is known for his association with  and writing for The Speckled Truth which is a blog all about hunting giant trophy Speckled Trout. He has a benchmark for his group to catch the “dirty 30” which is a monster 30 inch trout. Data is collected on these giants that he hopes will help the species in the long run. Chris joins us to talk about his story, his Father’s record Trout tagging contributions and The Speckled Truth. Visit for more information.

Chris and I were able to talk about the ideology about conservation and the passion and love for the game of fishing. Chris was able to share a lot about his passion for taking care of the resource of trout fishing and capturing the experience of targeting trout. He shares some of his techniques and the ways that he thinks outside the box.

One of the things that stood out to me the most about what Chris is doing with The Speckled Truth is the writing. Most hunting and fishing article you will come across have simply tactics or tips; but with Chris he brings about the story of the experience. His articles are very captivating and he shares the way that he wants to share a story that has subliminal messages of teaching you techniques.

Chris drew a lot of inspiration from his father who had fished with his father and with Chris’s older brother and sister. After 10 years, Chris’s father bought 30 acres of land and started an automotive repair shop. Chris says when he was about 4 years old he would catch brim from sun up to sun down and his parents saw his passion and bought a boat. The boat named Get The Net carried Chris and his father to start fishing once or twice a month which then quickly lead to constantly being on the water catching Trout, Reds and Bass.

For Chris and his family catching Trout is just what they do and his passion continued to grow. Though at this point is seems like a normal progression for a guide Chris shared his story from the 9/11 attack and how it spawned a desire to be apart of the military team. Chris says that his time in the military always kept him near some kind of water to continue catching Speckled Trout and they were diverse enough to encourage him to learn different techniques.

You can follow Chris on instagram @speckledtruth

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