Take Your Workout To The Beach




“Going on vacation with your family is one of the easiest way to lose your routine for exercise. If you are traveling you can show your kids these exercises and do them with your family.”

Podcast Synopsis

No gym? No Equipment? No problem! Take your workout to the beach while you travel or go on vacation with your family! Get in all of your workout exercises outside and make sure you don’t miss a day and throw off your routine. If I am near a beach when I stay at a hotel I will choose to go workout on the beach because I love being outside and I love being near the water. This also works for when you go on vacation with your family, which is the easiest way to fall off of your routine - you’ve been working hard, you’re with your family…. There goes your workout. So this is a great time to do these workouts and show your kids, do them with your wife etc…

Often I like to do shuttle runs in the sand because it is easy to draw lines and do and exercise on either side of the lines (like burpees, then run to the other line and do push ups). I also like to do workouts that might make me fall - like doing handstand walks and setting a distance that I have to cover.

Also I will often try to work in a swimming exercise and I will swim between two landmarks that I pick and then will run back. Then you can form a loop of swimming to that hotel that you marked and then running back to where you started and swimming again to that landmark.

If you are uncomfortable swimming because of the tide or some other reason, you can tread water for a certain amount of time. Then you can go back on the beach and do a shuttle run, and then go back in the water and tread water.

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See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland