Chris Bush From Speckled Truth And Some GATORS




“Fishing for trophy fish can be a diverse and arduous task.”

Podcast Synopsis

Chris Bush is an angler from Louisiana, and I got to sit down with him to talk about his expertise; giant speckled trout. I had him come on the podcast to share some of his fishing tips and experience as he has once recorded catching 13,000 trout. Chris takes after his father, Charlie, who was a trout purist and quite a famous angler.

So Chris shares about targeting trophy trout which he says is a diverse and arduous task, but in short if you are developing a plan you will fish from top to bottom or bottom to top. Currently for spring (good topwater fishing) it is simple to fish top to bottom. You can throw a topwater bait to just cover some ground and just incite a response from a fish. Then if you get a response but aren’t catching then you can start working the bottom or just below the surface bait.

Chris talks a lot about some really cool baits that suspend, and fishing on the bottom and fishing to a jig. Check out the whole podcast and send me an email if you’d like to hear more about trout fishing or if you just want to share some stories!

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See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland