3 Workouts You Can Do With Nothing But A Dumbbell




“I don’t miss workouts. I don’t miss days. I don’t go way off the rails.”

Podcast Synopsis

These 3 workouts you can do with nothing but a dumbbell. Forget the fancy gyms and all the equipment, sometimes you just can’t do certain exercises without the equipment. And you don’t always have access to the best gyms, so here are workouts you can do with just a dumbbell.

I, by no means, consider myself an expert in this area - in fact I consider myself the opposite of an expert. I am a student of the human body and I love to learn about how to improve and better yourself. I decided to start this podcast after a bunch of emails from all of you wanting to know more about work ethic, dedication, fitness and consistency. I have done several How 2 Tuesday episodes on workouts I have done and had several guests (who are experts in fitness) featured in my podcast. I realized I could encourage all of you and offer some sort of advice so now we have Physical Fridays.

In this first Physical Friday I shared workouts you can do while you travel. Traveling is one of the biggest things that throw people off the wagon - they are doing great in their workouts, eating really well and then they travel and it disrupts all their rhythms. So here; when dealing with a poorly constructed hotel gym, you can do these 3 workouts with just the dumbbells.

3. Macho Man

3x Power Cleans

3x Front Squats

3x Jerks

Go every minute on the minute for as long as you can go

2. Kalsu

100x Thrusters as quickly as you can

5x Burpees at every minute

Stop every minute on the minute and do 5x burpees

Then go back to the thrusters

Do for as long as it takes for you to complete 100 thrusters

1. Magic 50

5x Dumbbell swing with each arm

5x Dumbbell snatches with each arm

10x burpees

Do this for 5 rounds as fast as you can

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See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland