4 Tried And True Pull Up Bar Workouts




“Commit to it the night before, lay out your clothes, and know the workout you are going to do. Know what you are going to do before you walk into the gym, before you wake up, before you even go to bed. This makes all the difference in the world.”

Podcast Synopsis

The first thing I look for in a hotel weight room is the pull-up bar. You have to make sure it is a USABLE pull-up bar however, sometimes it is too close to the ceiling and if you pull up you will hit your head. So if that is the case you can do a workout in the Parking Garage, or do a workout with a Dumbbell… But if the pull-up bar is good to go then try one of these workouts. These are 4 workouts you can do without any equipment except for a pull-up bar, and they are great for traveling when the hotel has a poor gym but at least a good pull-up bar.

There are 4 tried-and-true pull up bar workouts that you can try. They are benchmark crossfit workouts named after girls: Cindy, Angie, Candy and Mary. They are benchmarks which means you can look them up and compare yourself to how others are doing on these workouts. Or you can see how far you can take the workout, that’s what I like to do; see what the elites are doing and see how far I can push myself.


5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 air-squats

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

Keep track of your rounds (sometimes I’ll use chalk or paper cups) - In a hotel I will set up 10 paper cups and stack them each time I do a round, then when I do 10 I will begin to un-stack them and see how many rounds I did total. THIS IS WHERE JOURNALLING IS IMPORTANT - keep track of your rounds and monitor how you improve (the act of journalling is important, the method is not important).


100 pull-ups

100 push-ups

100 sit-ups

100 air-squats

You do each in a row, do all pull-ups before you start push-ups and so on and so forth.

See how long it takes you to complete.


20 pull-ups

40 push-ups

60 squats

Do this for 5 rounds


5 handstand pushups

10 alternating one legged squats

15 pull-ups

As many rounds as you can in 20 minutes

You have different options here - if you have time (I have to be out of here in 20 minutes) then a workout like Cindy is perfect for those situations. Then for ones where you want a task (it doesn’t matter how long but you have to finish it) then you can do Angie or Candy. Then Mary is similar to Cindy, if you have a certain amount of time to workout, then do Cindy or Mary.

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See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland