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“… A big part of what draws us to the water with our friends and family is the ability to get together and observe things that makes us laugh… to me fishing is a great set up for humor.” 

- Frank Smethurst

Podcast Synopsis

Frank Smethurst is a revered fly-fisherman and guide whose passion for the sport began at a very early age. He began tying his own flies at age eight, started working at The Fish Hawk by age 12, and eventually moved to Colorado to launch his career as a guide.

Aside from guiding, winning tournaments, and hosting television shows (and running a mothership operation in the Sea of Cortez somewhere in there), Smethurst is well known for his role in a number of award-winning films that feature his fly-fishing adventures in some of the most exciting and interesting parts of the world. One of my favorites is a film called Running Down The Man, which features Smethurst and friends fly-fishing up and down the Baja for the elusive Roosterfish, via dune buggy.

Join Smethurst and I as we look back on our last fishing trip together in The Marquesas and share our thoughts on the most difficult fish to catch in various parts of the world. Learn how the fishing film industry has grown and evolved, what our favorite fish to go after is, and even the best thing to sauté your mushrooms in. This episode takes you on an adventure that you truly do not want to miss!

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- Tom Rowland