Tim Crockett - Rowing Across The Atlantic Ocean Alone To Raise Money For Soldiers Struggling With PTSD




“I just know that more should be done… if we can start to connect with people that have the resources, or want to help with those who need the help, something good will come out of it… we can start to see some positive change.”

- Tim Crockett

Podcast Synopsis

As a UK soldier who served in the Special Boat Service (SBS), Tim Crockett has spent most of his life on, under, or near the water.  Throughout his career, Tim has worked for television networks, and has trained courses to journalists traveling across the country and/or to dangerous parts of the world. He is going to draw heavily on these experiences when he takes on his next challenge, the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.  This race is a 3000+ mile crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat.  Tim will not only take this challenge on, but he will do it alone.

I met up with Tim at his gym in Atlanta, GA to share a workout in preparation for this challenge. After training with CrossFit and asking advice from past winners of the challenge, Tim was advised to keep his endurance up, and go towards a keto based diet. For this challenge, Tim is required to bring 12-14,000 calories a day worth of food with him on the boat, as well as 60 gallons of bottled water in case of an emergency. He will be rowing on a 23 ft. bay boat with a small cabin over the course of 50 days with nothing but food and electronics.

As a UK Special Operations Soldier, Tim has seen both UK and US soldiers wrestle with PTSD after war. The boat is called Tame the Kraken, which has a much deeper meaning of overcoming fear and the unknown, as soldiers are having to do every day after returning from combat. In total, this challenge costs over $100,000 for all the prerequisites and medical supervision, but Tim’s main focus is to raise as much money as possible for PTSD victims.

Tim can be contacted through his website www.tamethekraken.com and you can follow him on IG, FB and Twitter.  All are tamethekraken except twitter which is @rowatlantic.

See you on the water,

- Tom Rowland