Will Taylor – Guiding For Giant Georgia Trout, Figuring Out Sponsorship And Life




“The guy that has a fly box with various sink rates is probably, over the course of week,  going to outfish somebody that has a zillion different flies that all sink about the same…”

Podcast Synopsis

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I became interested in Will Taylor when I noticed his photos on Instagram. Each photo has a different look and feel to it, and I was very interested in his North Georgia waters.  Blue Ridge was only down the road, about an hour away, from where I grew up in Chattanooga, TN. Yet, I had no idea that trout the size of my leg lived there.

I made contact with Will and found him to be a great guy who would make for an interesting guest on Saltwater Experience.  We scheduled it and then met at Hawks Cay a few weeks later.  I wanted to have Will on the show because I wanted to visit him in North Georgia and experience this amazing fishing.  We are getting close to filming the episode when I go visit him, and hopefully it will turn out as good as when he came to visit us.

After fishing, we sat down for a while and talked about all sorts of stuff.  Will told me how he got started, why he spends a lot of time in Florida, his struggles and successes with sponsorship, and his thoughts on the future of fly-fishing.  I thought it was a good conversation, and I really enjoyed my time with Will. 

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See you on the water,

- Tom Rowland