Interviews With The Most Interesting People In Fishing, Hunting, Fitness And Business




Podcast Synopsis

Hey all you Saltwater Experience fans.  It is saltwater fishing podcast time with me, Tom Rowland.  

My job requires me to drive all over the country, and there is a lot of time spent behind the wheel.   I have found podcasts to be a way that I can use that time to learn a ton, stay entertained (and awake) and get to know people who I like, respect, or have admired their work in a much different and deeper way.

So, in all that driving, I started looking for podcasts with some of the people I wanted to hear from.  A few were out there, but not many.  After a few hundred more miles went by, I decided that if I wanted to hear these stories from these people, I bet a few of you would, too.  So I decided right there on the highway that I would just start my own to bring you all some interesting stories that I already know about my friends and how they started. This includes some of the challenges they overcame, the success they have had, and learning about so many people that I know only a little bit about.  If I was going to do this, I was going to do it the best that I could possibly do.  I thought about the things I like in a podcast and I also made note of the things that I don't.

Here is what I don't like: BORING podcasts or podcasts with very poor quality audio.  Even if I am really interested in the guest and what they have to say, I find it very difficult to listen to the entire podcast.  So, this is what I have done:

1. I learned about the best audio gear available, bought it, and learned how to use it.

2. I have been very particular in choosing the guests, listened to my fans, and have compiled a list of future guests with outstanding stories

3. I have done my homework and came to the interview with questions that I feel would be valuable to my audience...YOU GUYS.

4. Whenever possible, I have done the podcasts in-person, which results in a much higher quality interview and sound quality

This podcast is different from many out there because it is not only about a single subject like fishing.  In fact, sometimes we will take on entirely different subjects like hunting, outdoor adventure, fitness (because everything in your life will be enhanced if you are in better shape and yes, that means that you will catch more fish), business, sponsorship, family and more.  This is not a boring 30 minute canned attempt at a "How To" podcast that really would work much better in-person, rather, this is an unhurried conversation with the most interesting people in the outdoors.

See you on the water,

- Tom Rowland