Josh Cash - The Green Card




“The opportunity that you have in America is so great — compared to even Ireland, in terms of what your life can look like, and what you make, and what you can provide.”

- Josh Cash

Podcast Synopsis

Born an Irishmen, Josh Cash spent the first 19 years of his life in Northern Ireland, and later moved to England for college. After his first year of school, Josh was offered work at Camp Ozark in the United States for the summer, and continued to work there for three summers straight. After college, Josh was offered a job as a full-time employee, and moved to the United States under a J-1 Visa. Having met his soon-to-be wife at Camp Ozark, Josh married in March of 2017, and began his application process for Green Card status.

After almost two years of waiting, Josh was scheduled an appointment to meet with someone who would accept or decline his Green Card application. Josh and his wife went to Houston for the appointment, and arrived to find themselves in a massive room, shaped like an airport security center. This room was filled to the brim, with many that couldn’t speak English. Josh’s wife was extremely empathetic to the ones that couldn’t communicate to anyone, and sensed the urgency people carried with them. Josh explained that statuses can be declined for a number of reasons, such as entering the country without permission, or carrying a disease. Once called into the office, Josh was fortunate to have an immigration worker be calm, fair, and understanding. After an entire day in the immigration office, Josh’s application was accepted, and now carries a Green Card.

Having met Josh at the gym, I never would have guessed Josh went through such a time consuming process. I have many questions for Josh, such as learning about the different types of visas, and how to obtain a Green Card. Josh is working on getting his dual-citizenship in Northern Ireland and America, which he can apply for in the next few years. As of now, Josh wants to inspire his nieces and nephews to travel abroad, and possibly move to America, where there are more possibilities for living a better life. Josh is excited to see where his journey of living in America takes him, and welcomes all the opportunities that are headed his way.

See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland