How To Choose The Right Boat For You




“ Every boat is a compromise; every boat is going to have it’s benefits and drawbacks.”

Podcast Synopsis

One of the most asked questions I have received is “what boat should I buy?”. The best boat for anyone is dependent on a variety of factors, as well as compromises.

The first thing that anyone who wants to own a boat needs to realize is that every boat is a compromise. To see which one may be the best for you, ask some questions. The first question you should consider is the type of fish you want to spend the most time fishing for. If you are interested in shallow water fish, like bonefish or permit, then a skiff or small bay boat may be good options to keep in mind. If you are planning on fishing solo, buy a boat that has a trolling motor. Then, think of other things that you may want to do in the boat, how many people you might like to take, are those people kids, dogs or what?

To determine the size of the boat you may want, consider how many people you want to take out on the boat. Think about the type of activities you would like to do other than fishing, if applicable. Other factors like live well storage, speed, rough water handling, fuel capacity and more become considerations.

Bay boats are a versatile style of boat which can sometimes be taken in deeper waters, but make sure the weather is nice before doing so. If fishing in deeper waters is your primary goal, a true offshore boat will be a better choice.

It is confusing…All of these considerations should be thought through before ever even worrying about which manufacturer you like. I hope to help you narrow down the style of boat may be a good choice for you before diving deeper into quality, ride, dryness and fit and finish.

See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland