Ben Paige-Fowl Front- The balance Between Promotion And Exploitation Of Public Lands




“Create the opportunity. Because in a lot of ways, when you’re trying to do something for a living that you love, there’s not a roadmap.”

Podcast Synopsis

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Ben Paige’s podcast series, Fowl Front, this week. Ben was an excellent host, providing some time to talk about how I started in the fishing industry, and discussing the balance of promoting and exploiting public lands.

When finding a perfect balance of talking about public lands, I mention Jamie Howard’s film, Location X, as a prime example of filming a secret fishing spot without revealing the location. In my podcasts and television series, my goal is to encourage newcomers into outdoor sports, but in doing so, being respectful to the established hunters/anglers in keeping their favorite spots secret. There is a responsibility not only to the animals that inhabit these areas, but to the people that hunt and fish there as well. 

However, I bring up that it’s reasonable to have a conversation about these spots when they are in a crisis, such as the Florida water crisis. If enough people are aware of a certain area, conservation groups can be formed to help save these favorite fishing spots. The main goal is not to disclose a fishing spot for short-term personal gain; a secret fishing spot should be revealed for long-term and helpful purposes. 

As a duck hunter, Ben asks about my past experiences with duck hunting. Growing up, my dad was an avid duck hunter and we would often go duck hunting together. Unfortunately, the opportunities and agriculture has changed over time in my area and, therefore, I haven’t been duck hunting recently. Though duck hunting has been a little inconsistent over the years in Tennessee, I would love to go duck hunting in Mississippi or Arkansas.

Ben and I finish the podcast by finding a commonality of being wrestlers and staying fit. Ben brings to light how people usually don’t think of anglers or hunters as having a type of athleticism, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. When your profession is related to using your body for determining a good outcome, you are automatically an athlete. The best thing to do for yourself and your family is to continue to be strong and healthy, and nothing but good opportunities will head your way.

Be sure to listen to Ben’s podcast, Fowl Front, for all tips, tricks, and advice on hunting waterfowl.

See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland