How To Cook Snapper On A Half Shell




Podcast Synopsis

Recently, I’ve been out fishing in Louisiana and catching mangrove snappers and redfish. Recently, one of my favorite ways to cook this heavy scaled fish is to cook them “on a half shell”, as the people in Louisiana call it. Though not made for yellowtail as the scales are too delicate, this recipe is great for redfish, mutton snapper, and mangrove snapper. If you’re craving some redfish but haven’t caught any of these fish recently, you can easily purchase a whole snapper or redfish in the fresh seafood department at your local grocery store.

This is the best recipe I know from Anthony Randazzo of . Go to his lodge and get the original!

How to cook on the Half Shell

1. one stick butter
2. one large onion, chopped
3. two cups Italian salad dressing
4. one tsp. garlic powder
5. three tsp. worchestershire
6. one tsp. Tabasco or Tiger Sauce
7. one tsp. Tony’s Cajun seasoning
8. six pieces filleted redfish with skin on one side
9. (Optional) one cup bread crumbs containing imported Romano cheese (any seasoned bread crumbs will work if you can’t find this type)

Filet the fish out and cut the rib bones out. Make sure to leave to the scales and skin on the fish, as this will be your “half shell”. Leaving the scales and skin on allows the fat to caramelize into the meat, adding a great taste and a guarantee for no leftovers.

In a large saucepan, melt butter and sauté onions. Stir items #3-7 into saucepan. Keep warm.
Place fish on hot grill skin side down. Sprinkle more Tony’s Cajun seasoning on the fish. Baste fish with sauce made earlier and continue to baste every five minutes. Fish will need to cook at least 15 minutes even if skin side appears black. Just before removing from grill, sprinkle fish with breadcrumbs and allow to cook one to two more minutes. Serve hot.

See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland