Hunter Jackson - Making His Dreams A Reality




“You got to keep putting yourself out there, and keep opening these doors of opportunity and sooner or later one opens…”

- Tom Rowland

Podcast Synopsis

My son, Hayden Rowland, introduced me to Hunter Jackson on social media. Soon after, I met Hunter and his dad and saw how supportive he was of Hunter’s dream. When talking to Hunter, I noticed how passionate he was about guiding and found out what he is up to now.

Hunter always knew he wanted to become a guide since he could remember. Not having a preference to the type of guiding, he enrolled himself in guiding school 36 hours away from home. During school, Hunter learned everything about horses to packing for trips. The second half of his training involved learning about finding coordinates and first aid/CPR training. Once he finished guide school, the class celebrated by camping out for two days and truly putting their skills to the test.

Afterwards, Hunter had scored high in his class and was given a list of over 30 outfitters that were looking for someone to join their team. Hunter narrowed his selection down to his top five, and was offered an elk guide position in Idaho. Included in this position was a company car, and being able to stay in the cabin during the season.

Hunter has loved being a guide and says he loves watching his clients hunt and get a kill, especially when it’s their first elk. The trips are usually about seven days long, and can range from 6 miles to 16 miles a day. Hunter still keeps in contact with his clients frequently, and is grateful for the relationships gained through hunting.

Though being a guide is questionable for a stable income, Hunter hopes to continue year round in Texas for exotics, and Kansas for duck hunting. Hunter isn’t too worried about the income; he’s more focused on living out his dream.

Got some bad news however - just a few days after this podcast I learned that Hunter was in an accident where he was hunting and a gun went off and struck him in the neck. He is in the hospital recovering and has a chance to walk again. He is able to use his right hand and some of his left hand, but he is unable to walk. If you could keep Hunter in your thoughts and prayers and if you are able to go above and beyond there is a GoFundMe Page. You can help Hunter walk again by CLICKING HERE.

See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland