How To Catch Pompano Ft. Capt. Matt Budd




“They ate it on the one with the float. I caught it on the float. No Bait. ”

Podcast Synopsis

Pompano has exploded in the past few years, the price has skyrocketed, there is a high demand for them. Because of this, I thought I would feature Captain Matt Budd on the podcast to teach us all how to catch pompano. Captain Matt Budd may know as much about pompano fishing as anyone I have ever talked to. This is a guy who is not just doing this recreationally but doing it commercially. When fishing commercially you may learn some things that a recreational angler doesn’t have to learn.

As far as catching them, Captain Budd claims they are similar to Jacks in their behavior and the way they act. He says they do two ways; if they are really active (skipping) throwing a colorful jig seems to work well. When they are not active Budd will use FishBites artificial baits with sand-flees and clams.

A traditional Pompano rig was described as a “chicken rig” by Matt with lead on the bottom, a little tree-line that comes out of that area. Then off of another tree line you will have a little float to keep your bait off the bottom when there is slack in the line so the crabs don’t get it. So it is just lead, 2-3 hooks and a swivel for the rig that Matt says is fairly simple but very effective.

Pompano are like permit where they are particular and there is a specific recipe to catch them. Sometimes they are very particular about the current and the wind and learning how to adjust based on their behavior is crucial.

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