Don't Be Bored On The TreadMill - Try These 3 TreadMill Workouts




“Now again, I can’t say it enough, but as you do these workouts you need to write them down or record them in some manner. However you can keep track of it, write down what you did and what the time was.”

Podcast Synopsis

There are 3 treadmill workouts that I use to get in a really good workout but also prevent myself from getting bored and staying on the treadmill for too long. These exercises are great ways to provide some variation in your workout and also give you some opportunity to be creative when you don’t have very much equipment.

If you haven’t been caught up in the Physical Friday series; so far we have talked about workouts with dumbbells, pull up bars, stairs, the beach and water. Now we are going to talk about a hotel with a gym where the treadmill works (and maybe they have a pull-up bar and dumbbell too, now you have endless options). Sometimes you might be in a place where you aren’t comfortable running in an unfamiliar area and you’re stuck inside and you find a treadmill.

One type of workout you can do is the 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 type of workout. In this you would do 10 front squats with dumbbells, then 10 bent over rows with the dumbbells and then 100 meters on the treadmill. Then he will do 9 squats, 9 bent over rows and 90 meters.

Another idea for a workout is starting out with 400 meters on the treadmill, then you could do 20 dumbbell snatches with a single 50 lb. dumbbell and then alternate arms. Then do 20 front squats and do that whole thing for 4 rounds or you can do as many as you can in a designated amount of time.


Run 400 meters

12 burpees

24 pushups

36 squats

Repeat 4x

Then by the end of the interval challenge you will have run a mile, done 48 burpees, 96 pushups, and 144 squats. Then, as always, it is crucial that you journal how you did and monitor how you are improving and always try to do better than your previous time.

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See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland