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“Today more than ever there is no excuse to be held back from doing anything. Anybody with a smartphone can make a name for themself doing anything. The proof is in the pudding, I was nothing 5 years ago in terms of social media, I didn’t even have an instagram.”

Podcast Synopsis

Today we have a gentleman who has decided that he wants to follow his passion, which is telling stories. His forte is telling stories that really captivates people’s attention. He was an early adopter of telling stories digitally and he started Outdoors360. I had a lot of questions for Rob and how he built such an incredible following on social media and how he tells his stories in such an interesting way.

Rob Chapman IV founded Outdoors360, he is an IGFA world record holder, marine artist, outdoor columnist and a tournament winning angler. He is a local to Florida and has spent all of his life in love with the outdoors. According to his website Rob is a ”social media, marketing, and branding junkie, cardio-hating, junk food loving, beard modeling goofball who’s passion is his family and the outdoors.”

It was awesome to hear Rob’s story, and I was very inspired by his passion and I think you will be too. Check out this podcast and check out some of Rob’s social media accounts.

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