Brandon Clift - The Path Of A Warrior




“What I believe in more than anything is taking responsibility. It’s about acknowledging and understanding that things may need to change and doing something about it… I firmly believe if it’s not MKP, it’s something else.”

- Brandon Clift

Podcast Synopsis

Raised in Australia, Brandon created a gym for members to have a safe space for those with depression and anxiety. While the gym at first was a rising success, it was closed down due to financial reasons, and the doors closed soon after. As a young entrepreneur, Brandon wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life after his failing business and felt hopeless. Brandon started to have panic attacks, and attempted suicide but had a voice inside his head saying he needed to make an impact on the world first.

This is where Brandon turned to ManKind Project (MKP) , a non-profit organization devoted to help men become better men. This includes a series of 48 processes in one weekend that breaks down the male persona, and brings authenticity, ownership, and responsibility into the male’s life. After that weekend, the men return home, and use the skills they’ve learned and use it in their day-to-day activities and relationships.

Brandon has worked with the ManKind Project as an integration group leader, which is a weekly session of checking in on the client when they return home. Brandon’s job is to hold the men accountable for their actions and make sure the lessons they’ve learned at MKP are still being followed through.

Though it may sound a little bit like a cult, Brandon assures that MKP is far from it. MKP values each person’s values and uniqueness, and any man is able to take part in these sessions. We discuss how men usually don’t have a supportive group of friends like women do, and finding a group, or tribe, is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

We discuss what a rite of passage means to us, and I use an example of hunting and fishing. A rite of passage for hunting can be getting your first kill or hunting by yourself, whereas fishing rite of passage can be catching your first fish to being trusted with filleting fish on your own. Both of these examples learn the responsibility the hunter/fisher has to the animal: the animal should be used for all of it’s meat and one shouldn’t be abusing power over the animal. Brandon explains that most rite of passages are directed to more vain approaches like fraternities, losing one’s virginity, etc. Instead, the true meaning of a rite of passage is thought to be the death of a boy, and rising as a man.

Brandon is planning on moving to Salt Lake City next year, and spreading the word of ManKind Project to this area. Due to tragic events of his friends committing suicide this past year, Brandon created The Path of a Warrior. This organization will be trekking to the base camp of Mt. Everest in 10 days time, carrying letters people have written to those who have lost someone due to suicide. These letters will be taken to the camp, and be burned, signifying remembrance and a release of emotions.

Being a friend of Brandon’s father, I was proud to learn of the amazing things Brandon has been doing with his life. At the age of 26, Brandon has endured difficult periods of time, but continues to radiate positivity and strength to those around him.

See you on the water,

-Tom Rowland