Captains Collective - Hunter Leavine & Josh Wells


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“I think that the greatest guides have this insatiable desire to just get better and better and better.”

Podcast Synopsis

Hunter Leavine a college pastor, author, outdoorsman and occasional lawn guy - and Josh Wells a Firefighter, came together to make the Captains Collective Podcast. A podcast dedicated to gathering wisdom, knowledge, & stories from captains & industry leaders. They feature some amazing conversations with some iconic fishermen and recently released an episode with yours truly (CHECK IT OUT)

Hunter and Josh got into the podcast world as they already listen to podcasts but wanted to create something that they would love to listen to. They had gotten a sense that they would be able to contribute to what is going on in the podcast world and hear some truly amazing stories. They agreed that it is the best medium to get backstories and quality content that television can’t quite capture.

For me, it is very refreshing how easily I can set up an appointment with someone and I don’t have to deal with any crew. I got to sit on some little table in Live Oak Florida with Hunter and Josh and any number of people can tune into this conversation. It’s truly amazing how the stories that we share are so intriguing to a worldwide audience.

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