Derek DeYoung - Artist And Angler Living In Montana, Florida Keys And Northern Michigan




“Just putting yourself out there every day and just follow your heart as far as work is concerned.”

- Derek DeYoung

Podcast Synopsis

Derek DeYoung is a renowned fish artist who travels between Montana, Florida Keys (Big Pine), and Northern Michigan to pursue fish inspiration to reproduce them on canvas.  I caught up with Derek through Instagram and asked him if he would like to be a guest on Saltwater Experience.  He said he would like to do it but his schedule was very tight. Eventually, we found a day and made it happen.

The tides were late that day and Rich wanted to fish from 2:00 P.M. through past dark.  We chose to visit Derek in Big Pine in the morning to get the interview for the TV episode.  We hit the water at Hawks Cay and headed to Long Key Bridge.  Derek was hoping to get a bite on a live mullet because he had never seen that happen before.

It happened, but right at dark.  We got the fish to the boat after dark and it was 9:00 P.M. before we hit the dock.  But wait, what about the podcast? When will we do that?  

Derek is one of my favorite guests, and soon, we became fast friends.  I knew I wanted to do a podcast with him, but it seemed like we had run out of time.  I offered him a ride back to Big Pine instead of his wife having to pick him up, and we put on the headphones and hit record.  

I travel a lot and some of the best conversations I have ever had were on long drives across the country, and this drive was exactly that.  Derek is a great conversationalist, and we talked about how he has achieved so much success in the fishing world.

After finishing art school, Derek knew he wanted to continue his passion by setting up an art business. With help from his wife and father-in-law, they were able to create a successful art company that allows Derek to create such wonderful marine life paintings. Derek is inspired by a graphic and contemporary look so his paintings will gravitate more attention to larger audiences.

Derek resides currently in Michigan, and travels with his wife to the Florida Keys in the wintertime. While in the Keys, Derek fishes as much as he can in the morning, comes home to work on projects, and then spends the rest of the day painting. He truly gets to spend each and every day doing the two things he loves the most and loves owning a business with his wife.

I think you will like this episode; I know I did.  Derek will definitely be back on Saltwater Experience AND the podcast because this guy is so cool!

See you on the water,

- Tom Rowland